Extreme Benchrest 9.5 – Lockdown Edition

Airguns of Arizona has announced that Extreme Benchrest 9.5 – Lockdown Edition is the virtual form of EBR 2020. This year was to have seen the 10th anniversary of this annual event – hence the 9.5 designation…

Following discussion with range officials, and due to the rules and restrictions set forth by the CDC, AoA has announced that, with great sadness and frustration, they have formally canceled the on-site Extreme Benchrest 2020 event.

The current restrictions make it impossible to host a proper, let-alone world class event, explains AoA. So the 10th Annual EBR will be held instead in 2021.

So, for 2020, we have an online contest. Extreme Benchrest 9.5 – Lockdown Edition!

How To Compete

All registered shooters, together with any who wish to sign up, will be sent an official EBR 9.5 Lockdown Toolkit. This includes event apparel, two Official EBR targets, and other airgun promotional items. This kit will contain everything needed to compete in the online EBR 9.5 Lockdown Challenge.

Along with the Lockdown ToolKit, all registered shooters will receive one entry to the online giveaway. For this giveaway, winners will be determined by random draw.

Large prizes with a combined value of more than $8000 will be on the line from the following manufacturers:
– Daystate Ltd
– Brocock Ltd
– LCS Air Arms
– RTI Arms
– Weihrauch
– 0dB Silencers
– MTC Optics
– Omega Air Cylinders
– Aztec Optics

Rules to the EBR Lockdown Challenge are as follows:
– Shoot 1x Official EBR Target Card at 75 yards.
– Shoot 1x Official EBR Target Card at 100 yards.
– Make one shot at the Pellet Challenge on each card.

Record your results by taking some photos of you with your targets and equipment and post them on your Instagram and Facebook pages. Make sure to tag @extremebenchrest #EBRLockdown and #EBR2020 to enter the online contest. Non-users of Facebook or Instagram, may upload their pictures directly to the Airgun Nation forum.

AoA will randomly share results and award fun prizes along the way.

EBR organisers ask that everyone compete on the honor system. If you cannot get to ranges of 75 and 100 yards, they encourage you to compete, but declare at what distances you were able to shoot.

This online event runs from now until October 8th 2020. Registration remains open and for the low fee of $25 you will receive an Official EBR 9.5 Lockdown Toolkit.

Register here for the event and your chance to win one of the many high-end prizes.

Competing from outside the USA

International competitors are encouraged to enter but separate International shipping charges will be invoiced to the registrant before the Lockdown Toolkits are shipped. Any laws or restrictions on shipping to the shooter’s country may prevent delivery or participation.

Please research your country and local laws before entering. As you will understand, AoA cannot be held liable for delivery (or non-delivery) of the Lockdown Toolkit or any potential Prizes.