Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles Aim For Quality And Power

Extreme Big Bore air rifles are manufactured in Mansfield, Texas by Texas Machine Parts.

You noticed that the company is a new advertiser in Hard Air Magazine. That is indicative of their serious intent to be a major part of the big bore airgun world. And more…

As Danny Duke and John Wiley, the co- owners of Texas Machine Parts told HAM: “We’re aiming to consolidate Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles as the ‘go to’ supplier for big game airgun hunting and benchrest shooting based on our range, quality and power.”

Today, we are taking an overview of the Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles range. There are eight models, including two shotguns and an air bolt rifle all based around a core single-shot, bolt action design.

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles

This core design is customized for calibers all the way from .308 to .72 Cal. and both 12- and 28-gauge shotguns, plus the .45 Cal. Air Bolt.

Muzzle Energy is massive in all calibers. It reaches up to 995 Ft/Lbs. in the largest, .72 caliber, as we can see from the table below.

CaliberMuzzle EnergyProjectile WeightMuzzle Velocity
.308367 Ft/Lbs.150 Grain1,050 FPS
0.357422 Ft/Lbs.220 Grain1,000 FPS
0.408516 Ft/Lbs.275 Grain920 FPS
0.457601 Ft/Lbs.350 Grain880 FPS
0.50672 Ft/Lbs.350 Grain930 FPS
0.72995 Ft/Lbs.660 Grain824 FPS

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles are immensely proud that these airguns are manufactured entirely in the USA. That is the actions, stocks, barrels, triggers – the lot!

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles

Texas Machine Parts itself is a substantial company having a state-of-the-art machine shop including 60 computer-controlled CNC machines. With ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation, the company has a 40+ year history of making complex precision firearm parts for famous name companies, as well as the aerospace, military and energy industries.

So, the company manufactures The Extreme actions and many other parts to ensure high-precision tolerances. They also partner with household-name US companies for specialized components, such as Timney for triggers and Pachmayr for butt pads.

Barrels of all models are hammer forged from 4130 Chrome Moly alloy steel; chosen for its toughness, combined with machinability, and corrosive resistance. Most calibers have a 1 in 26 twist rate, although the .408 has a 1 in 32 twist and the .308 a 1 in 20 twist rate.

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles has developed its barrel rifling profiles in conjunction with swaged lead bullets. Many of the popular bullets may be used with their products.

So why the range of different calibers? It really comes down to the shooting range desired by the customer, whether the customer is a hunter or a benchrest shooter.

As with most PCPs, the largest calibers give the highest Muzzle Energy. All are suitable for ethically harvesting many types of large game out to 75 Yards or further.

The smaller calibers give a flatter trajectory, we were told, and are suitable for hunting or target shooting at extremely long distances.

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles

The single-stage Timney trigger is adjustable for pull weight and sear engagement. It is set to a very-appropriate 3.5 lbs. pull weight on assembly.

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles are provided with a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Providing that the gun has not been misused or disassembled, of course!

All of this is great. However, there is more to Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles…

They also offer a range of customization options that a customer can select at the time of order. We will examine these ways to personalize your Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles in more detail with a future HAM story.

Stay tuned!

Check out the Extreme Big Bore online store for more details and to buy.