Extreme Field Target At Extreme Benchrest 2022

Extreme Field Target has become one of the highlight events at Extreme Benchrest in recent years. In fact, this event was – again – sold out within hours of registration for EBR 2022 being opened!

EBR’s Extreme Field Target competition has been sponsored for 2022 by KalibrGun. Thanks to the company for its support!


Basically, this competition is like regular Field Target but on steroids! The targets are pre-ranged and displayed to each shooter at the firing point. Ranges go out to 100 Yards – or more – as you can see above. Shooting is against the clock, you have to be quick!


A few targets require forced standing, but most are shot from a seated position.


High power retained d0wnrange is required to knock down the targets. Flat-shooting, high power PCPs in 22 caliber and above are mandatory. For full details, check out the EBR website.

There’s five lanes, four targets per lane. Two shots per targets. Total 40 shots.


For many of us, it’s a huge difference to be shooting in the Sonoma desert, with cacti and – sometimes – rattlesnakes to contend with as the the reset strings disappear into the distance.


Shooting was taking place continuously from 7:30 AM all day. A continuous procession of shooters moving from lane-to-lane. knocking down targets (mostly) and moving to the next one. All of this was meticulously managed by the AoA staff. One was in charge of each lane and we should be grateful for all their efforts…



Not only was the Extreme Field Target competition a huge success – again – at EBR 2022 – but every competitor in all disciplines received a humungous goodie bag for attending the event.


I’ll be bringing you more photo reports from Extreme Benchrest 2022 in the next few days. Keep tuned!