Fire Rough Motorized Target Systems – Improved Product And New Videos

Back in June 2016, Hard Air Magazine brought you the first news of Fire Rough motorized, moving target systems.

This created a lot of interest at the time. And now there’s news of a new, improved version of this moving target system, together with three videos showing them in use.

Fire Rough is a a motorized target system for air guns. Instead of shooting at static targets, it gives airgun shooters the opportunity train and practice with targets that move and require the shooter to “lead” the targets and react to the target’s motion.

The company tells us that the new version is more durable. The motorized target systems are said to withstand the impact of BBs, pellets up to .22 caliber and paint ball guns. They are also easier to assemble than the previous version.

There are two basic versions of the Fire Rough motorized target systems. The self-supporting tripod system is used for open areas or fields where there are no overhead structures. The second model is a “hanging system” which can be hung from tree limb or other overhead support.

A unique feature of Fire Rough motorized target systems is the use of recycled cans and plastic bottles as primary targets. The recycled targets can be arranged in many different configurations and are in continuous motion. The motion and movement of the targets improve the shooting skills required to hit them, says inventor Tammy Ernster.

They’re also lots of fun, as you can see from the videos below!

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