First 2018 SHOT Show Airgun Announcement – Umarex Hammer

The 2018 SHOT Show will be happening very soon now – it runs from January 23 to 26. Of course, HAM will be bringing you full details live from the show, but here’s the first 2018 SHOT Show airgun announcement.

Umarex USA has announced that the Umarex Hammer will be at the “Industry Day At The Range”. The Hammer is a .50 caliber big bore bullpup PCP air rifle. It was shown in a glass case at the 2017 SHOT Show, obviously as a VERY early prototype.

As the Hammer will be available at the “Industry Day at the Range”, that means that it’s available to shoot, so it has obviously progressed a long way in development since last year.

Umarex is also trailing a number of other products that will be displayed at the Show. These include a Ruger Yukon Magnum and Walther Air Rifles, together with GLOCK CO2-powered airguns.

No photographs yet. As we find out more, we’ll let you know…