First Chance To See New 2018 Daystate PCP Air Rifles At British Shooting Show

Airgunners attending the British Shooting Show at Birmingham’s NEC (16-18 February) will be the first members of the public to get their hands on the new 2018 Daystate PCP air rifles. These include the models unveiled at the SHOT Show in January – and also a hitherto unannounced model: the HR Huntsman Regal – see photographs above!

Being seen for the first time, the HR Huntsman Regal bears all the hallmarks of this Daystate model, but with the addition of a Huma air regulator, developed in partnership with the Dutch pneumatic specialists. This collaboration extends to other models in Daystate’s 2018 line-up, but its inclusion in the Regal elevates Daystate classic sporter to a whole new level, says the manufacturer.

The HR Huntsman Regal is identifiable by its twin gauge design. The main pressure gauge is now located at the front of the cylinder, with the regulator pressure gauge in the belly of the forestock.

Daystate says that the regulated HR Huntsman Regal is capable of a shot-count up to 160 in 12ft/lb format, while still retaining its standard-length (132cc) cylinder.

Other new 2018 Daystate PCP air rifles include the Red Wolf Serie Rosso – a connoisseur’s Special Edition limited to just 200 rifles worldwide (100 in the UK).

First Chance To See New 2018 Daystate PCP Air Rifles At British Shooting Show

The Red Wolf Serie Rosso is based around the electronic action developed from Daystate’s flagship Pulsar. This multi-shot sidelever comes dressed in an adjustable red laminate stock and features what the manufacturer describes as a connoisseur’s finish to its action.

Daystate claims that luxury is matched by performance in this model. The Serie Rosso is super-light in the shoulder courtesy of its carbon-fibre bottle and barrel shroud. It’s also equipped with a fully-adjustable match trigger and blade.

Show-goers will also be able to see more new 2018 Daystate PCP air rifles!

The standard-edition Red Wolf will be available with either a black laminate or walnut adjustable stock. This has the Serie Rosso’s reversible sidelever cocking system and electronic action, with carbon-fibre or steel buddy-bottle options. Daystate says that a cylinder ‘C-Type’ model is also planned for release later in the year.

First Chance To See New 2018 Daystate PCP Air Rifles At British Shooting Show

The airgun public will also be able to handle the recently revamped Wolverine 2 range of bolt-action multi-shots. These include the brand new regulated version that’s visually identifiable by its twin pressure gauges and side cocking lever.

Like other new 2018 Daystate PCP air rifles, these new Wolverine R models feature a regulated action. Daystate tells us that this brings performance gains in velocity, consistency and air efficiency to the already highly-versatile Wolverine.

The Renegade bullpup – which utilises a ground-breaking hybrid trigger unit – is the final model to benefit from the Daystate/Huma collaboration. Alongside the fully-electronic Pulsar bullpup, NEC visitors will also get to see the Renegade HR, a new Huma-regulated version of this mechanically-driven bullpup.

First Chance To See New 2018 Daystate PCP Air Rifles At British Shooting Show