First Close Look At H&N Heavy Airgun Slugs

H&N Heavy Airgun Slugs were announced just recently. Already some samples have arrived at the HAM offices. So today we can take a first close look at them.

With the introduction of these new heavy slugs, H&N has a massive range of slugs available in .22 caliber.

In conjunction with the lighter “Slugs HP” versions, H&N has a range of .22 caliber slugs weighing all the way from 21 Grains to 40 Grains. Specifically, the weights are as follows: 21, 23, 23, 25, 27, 30, 34, 36, 38 and 40 Grains. That’s the 40 Grain .22 caliber slug below.

First Close Look At H&N Heavy Airgun Slugs

As with the lighter .22 caliber H&N Slugs, the new H&N Heavy Airgun Slugs will be available in both .217 and .218 diameters. There will also be “sampler” sets available to make tuning easier and more cost-effective.

Here’s a view of the range of “heavies”, together with a 23 Grain “Slug HP” for comparison. As you can see, the heavier the slug, the longer it is. Given the limitations of a set caliber, there’s no other way to gain the additional weight.

One caution here will be that it’s possible that not all magazines may accept the length of the heavier slugs and may need single-loading. That’s something users will need to check based on the specific air rifle(s) they own.

First Close Look At H&N Heavy Airgun Slugs

H&N Heavy Slugs are identified by the label on the underside of the tin, rather than on the lid. So you need to check carefully for the weight and precise caliber. This is different to the “Slugs HP” where the caliber and weight is displayed prominently on top of the lid.

First Close Look At H&N Heavy Airgun Slugs

As with the Slugs HP, H&N Heavy Slugs have a dished base, as can be seen in the photograph below. This is combined with a hollow point for what the company described as “devastating expansion”.

First Close Look At H&N Heavy Airgun Slugs

These heavy .22 caliber slugs are designed for ultimate long range performance, H&N tells Hard Air Magazine. The company also says that US shooters should see these slugs for sale in April/May 2022.

Until then the company’s Slugs HP are readily available in both .22 (.217 and .218 calibers) and .25 cal.

H&N Slug HP, .217 Cal., 27 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200ct 0.22
H&N Slug HP, .25 Cal., 36 Grains, Hollowpoint, 120ct 0.25