First Close Look At The Cricket 2 Tactical PCP Air Rifle

A Cricket 2 Tactical PCP air rifle recently arrived in the HAM offices. So now we can take a close look at it, following the introductory information published in HAM back in April, 2021.

The Cricket 2 Tactical PCP Air Rifle

This gun is definitely good-looking and fun to shoot! In fact, I shot it with HAM contributor and Cricket expert Matt Coulter at Matt’s outstanding 50 Yard home range. We weren’t too surprised to find that 25.39 Grain JSB Jumbo Monster pellets were grouping very well at that distance. Incidentally, this is the “long” version of the Cricket 2 Tactical in .22 caliber. There’s also a shorter “compact” version.

That’s me above and Matt below… Cricket 2 Tactical PCP Air Rifle

We found the bullpup’s pistol grip comfortable, and the cocking lever slick and easy to use. In .22 caliber there was certainly a very considerable number of consistent shots available from one fill of the large, 477 cc HPA bottle. KalibrGun claims about 200 per fill.

In this “getting to know the gun” session, we didn’t note the shot count – hey we were having fun! But we were shooting for a couple of hours and still had not reached the regulator set point…

Shooting from a bench, the Cricket 2 Tactical PCP air rifle balanced well on a Leapers TBNR bipod. This bipod provided good, solid support when mounted to the Cricket’s front Picatinny rail.

As the first Cricket with a HPA bottle, the Tactical provides a greatly-increased shot count compared with previous models. It also allows the provision of the bipod-mounting rail which we found so useful.

Cricket 2 Tactical PCP Air Rifle

We also both found magazine loading easier than with previous Cricket models we have used. The mechanism has been simplified so that it’s no longer necessary to hold the lever back when inserting the magazine into the breech. There’s also an obvious, easy-to-use safety. This is of the trigger-blocking, “push across” type.

The ambidextrous safety is that red button you can see above the trigger in the photograph below. That’s another improvement from KalibrGun!

Cricket 2 Tactical PCP Air Rifle

Also visible in this photograph is the long top Picatinny rail for scope mounting. In advance of the comprehensive HAM test review, we mounted a Sightron 10-50 x 60 scope on the Cricket 2 Tactical PCP air rifle. Yes, this is a long scope but it still balanced well and there was sufficient eye relief for our shooters.

As usual, we mounted the scope with Leapers UTG Pro rings for a solid, harmonious installation. The surface finishes of gun, scope and rings all blend well together, as you can see below.

A fill probe is used to add further High Pressure Air into the Cricket 2 Tactical. The fill port is on the side of the gun, as shown below. It’s filled in normal use by a removable plug.

HAM will be bringing you a comprehensive review of the Cricket 2 Tactical PCP air rifle soon. Keep watching this space…

Cricket 2 Tactical PCP Air Rifle

For further details of the Cricket 2 Tactical, the best resource available right now is the KalibrGun USA web page. Check it out for more information about this and other KalibrGun models.