First Delta Wolf Videos Are On YouTube!

Now you can see the first Daystate Delta Wolf videos on YouTube. This coincides with the first production guns being shipped to customers.

Starting with UK specification 12 Ft/Lb rifles, Delta Wolf production is underway with high power rifles next in line. It is expected that good numbers of both types will be shipping from Daystate’s U.K. factory by end of October.

Both these Delta Wolf videos cover the key features of this new air rifle:

  1. New Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) with display touch screen
  2. Multi caliber with fast-change barrel system
  3. Factory-set power profiles for each caliber
  4. Shooter tuning customization
  5. Exclusive OEM Huma-Air regulated
  6. New large capacity magazine
  7. A.R.T-approved barrel
  8. Bluetooth connectivity
  9. Built-in Silencing
  10. Modular ‘Tactical’ format
  11. Future proofed – upgradable as features develop

First, here’s the manufacturer’s video from Daystate. It’s fronted by Mat Manning. Here we have a clear and simple overview of what it’s like to shoot the Delta Wolf.

Then there’s this Delta Wolf video that’s been produced by Airguns of Arizona. This has another overview also, together with some programming details. We carried more about how easy it is to program the Delta Wolf in this Hard Air Magazine story.

This new air rifle is available with a compact barrel length of 43 cm (19.9 Inches) in .177 and  .22 calibers. Longer barrels of 60 cm (23.6 Inches) can be had for all four calibers, .177, .22, .25 and .30 cal.

Barrels and calibers can be easily changed by the shooter without special tools – says Daystate. The ability to have pre-set tunes for each caliber/barrel combination also eliminates the guesswork in achieving optimum performance immediately the hardware changes of bolt and barrel are made.

Daystate Delta Wolf