First FX STX Pellet Liner Barrel Inserts To Ship Next Month

FX USA has announced that shipment of the first FX STX Pellet Liner barrel inserts will commence at end of July. There’s a total of 18 different FX STX Pellet Liners included in this announcement. Most of the new liners are for .22 cal and .25 cal. However one will be for .177 cal and two for .30 caliber.

There are three basic types of FX STX Pellet Liners – Pellet Liner A, Pellet Liner B and Slug Liner A. Each is available in a range of lengths from 500 mm (19.7 Inches) to 700 mm (27.6 Inches) long.

FX STX Pellet Liner A

The FX STX Pellet Liner A, is the original Smooth Twist X liner. This is currently shipped with all FX Crown and FX Impact rifles. FX says that it has also proven itself to work extremely well with other manufacturers standard pellets for each particular caliber.

The company says this is the pellet liner works particularly well with the standard JSB pellets listed here.

.177 caliber:
JSB Diabolo Exact 8.4 Grain

.22 caliber:
JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo 15.89 Grain
JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.13 Grain

.25 caliber:
JSB Diabolo Exact King 25.39 Grain
JSB Diabolo Exact King Heavy MKII 33.95 Grain

.30 caliber:
JSB Diabolo Exact 44.75 Grain
JSB Diabolo Exact 50.15 Grain

Note that the FX Wildcat and FX Dreamline come standard with an FX Smooth Twist barrel liner. The STX Pellet Liner A is an upgrade for these rifles.

FX STX Pellet Liner B

The FX STX Pellet Liner B is a barrel liner that will accommodate pellets with a slightly larger head or skirt size. FX says that some common pellets like the H&N Barracudas and JSB Monsters have a slightly larger head size or skirt size. They say that these pellets perform better in the B liner compared to the A liner, particularly at longer distances.

Below are some popular pellets the individual caliber B liners were made for. They can also work with pellets with similar attributes. HAM comprehensive pellet tests are a great source of information on head sizes.

.22 caliber:
JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned 25.39 Grain
H&N Baracuda 21.14 Grain

.25 caliber:
JSB Exact King Heavy MKI and II 33.95 Grain

FX STX Slug Liner A

The initial round of FX Smooth Twist X Slug liners have been developed around the Nielsen Specialty Ammo line of precision hunting slugs. FX says that this is due to the demand for them in the market place. These liners will work well with any quality slug made to these specifics, says the company, in combination with the correct regulator and hammer setting on the rifle.

.22 caliber:
21-28 Grain slugs sized .217

.25 caliber:
34-40 Grain slugs sized .250

FX recognizes that there are other equally comparable precision slug manufacturers and they plan to develop slug liners to add to the series. They also plan to add additional caliber options.

The company also says that lighter slugs will shoot better out of shorter 500mm barrels. Heavier boat tail shaped slugs may not fit in the current magazine design and will need to be single loaded. For optimum accuracy, only use swaged slugs sized correctly to the bore diameter.

FX Wildcat Smooth Twist X Liner