First Look At The Challenger 2021. But Where’s The Marauder?

The 2021 Crosman catalog has been published. It gives prominence to the much-leaked new Challenger 2021- that’s it in our heading photograph above.

But there’s something strange about this new catalog. There’s no Marauder!

Also missing are the Fortitude, Maximus, Bulldog and Airbow. The Armada? It’s MIA also. That makes the Challenger 2021 the only PCP air rifle to be featured in the 2021 Crosman catalog.

So what’s happening?

First off, I have ZERO inside information on this. However, the obvious implication is that there will be a forthcoming separate 2021 Benjamin catalog, plus – logically – a separate catalog for the Velocity Outdoor archery brands and maybe more for optics, LaserMax and airsoft products.

The question is: “Why would Velocity Outdoor not include all their airgun products in a single catalog?” Hmmm…

Below. For comparison, here is the cover of the 2019 Velocity Outdoor product catalog.

Anyhow, let’s return the the Challenger 2021! This looks to be a major upgrade to the previous Challenger 2009 model.

It features a synthetic stock with adjustable buttpad and cheekpiece. The pistol grip is prominent and will require a very different grip from the outgoing model.

There also looks to be a “hamster” (fore hand support) ahead of the trigger. At least hamster is what similar devices are called by Field Target shooters.

Also new is the breech with a sidelever cocking system that is described as being “swappable”. I’ll guess that means it can be changed from right- to left-handed operation, as required by the user.

First Look At The Challenger 2021. But Where’s The Marauder?

The 2021 version is the first Challenger to be regulated. This is combined with an increase in HPA fill pressure to 3,000 PSI. Even with the (slightly) higher claimed Muzzle Velocity, the result is still going to be a stellar number of shots per fill. Make that more than 200, according to the catalog.

The two-stage trigger now has a trigger shoe. Judging from the safety, the trigger mechanism could well be similar to that of the outgoing model. It’s single-load, of course…

More good news is that the Lothar Walther barrel is retained, together with confirmation that the Challenger 2021 meets the requirements for national 3P rifle competition.

So this is a big upgrade for the Challenger. The 2021 model will undoubtedly be as popular with JROTC and other 10 Meter clubs shooting Three Position Sporter air rifle competition as the previous model has been. That will be A TON of guns…