First Look At The Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP Air Rifle

A Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP air rifle arrived at the HAM offices recently. So today, we’ll take a first look at it and make some initial observations.

First let me say that I like the current trend towards compact PCP airguns. Yes, most of them are bullpups, like the Throne Compact, but not all. And yes, you loose Muzzle Energy and shot count compared to “full length” guns due to the shorter barrel and smaller HPA bottle.

But these compact PCPs still provide plenty of power and shots for most people’s airgun shooting needs. They’re ideal for plinking, target shooting, pesting and hunting. Not everyone wants to shoot 100 yard benchrest, so there’s no need for longer range capbility and more power.

In particular, they’re compact, handle well and are easy to shoot. These are all attributes of the Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP air rifle. At an all-up weight of 9 Lb 9 Oz, including the Hawke Sidewinder scope, the Throne Compact feels solid and very stable for offhand shooting.

Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP Air Rifle

The Throne is supplied with two magazines and a single shot tray. That’s good. Also good – in my opinion – is the use of yellow as a strong contrasting color for the magazine rotor. That makes for easy pellet loading in poor light.

The black plasic “box” on the right is actually the Throne’s single shot tray.

Another good usability feature is the provision of large bottle and regulator pressure gauges. These are 25mm diameter, over 50% larger in area than the standard 20 mm diameter gauges that you see on most PCPs.

The result is easy reading. Particularly when the gauge plates are so well designed and printed as we see on the Throne.

Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP Air Rifle

Reximex obviously intends the Throne as a tuner’s gun. There are adjustments for regulator pressure, hammer spring tension and transfer port aperture.

That’s common enough. But on the Throne, these adjustment controls really shout out “adjust me!”. There’s nothing subtle here and I suspect that few will resist making changes to the factory settings.

Below we see the regulator pressure control set enticingly above the trigger with instructional arrows prominently displayed.

Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP Air Rifle

One innovative and effective feature is the safety. This actually forms part of the trigger guard. It’s pushed down to fire and up for safe, blocking the trigger as it does so. It’s simple and easy to use for both left- and right-handed shooters.

Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP Air Rifle

Another good feature is that the instruction manual for the Throne includes a full parts list and diagram.

Now, it’s rather too small to read in the printed version. However, it’s also available online in PDF form on the Reximex website and so you can zoom-in to enlarge as appropriate.

When you do so (below), you’ll see that Reximex includes precise specs for all the O rings and many of the standard small fasteners and other parts used in the gun. Excellent!

Initially I was pleased to read that the Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP air rifle is supplied in a hard case. That’s true and it certainly helps to protect the gun in shipment to you.

But unfortunately, the case is not large enough to contain the gun with a scope mounted :-(

That’s a big disappointment and means that you’ll still need to buy a case for the Throne. After all, very few people will be prepared to remove or re-mount their scope every time the gun is taken in or out of the case…

Reximex Throne Gen 2 Compact PCP Air Rifle

Overall, this is an interesting and attractive new air rifle. At a Street Price of $1,000, it seems to be well-priced. We look forward to taking it for a spin through the comprehensive HAM review tests!

Reximex Throne Gen2 Compact PCP Air Rifle 0.22