First Look At The New SIG AIR P365 BB Pistol

“I can’t believe how small it is!” That was HAM Testers’ immediate reaction to the new SIG AIR P365 BB pistol.

Yes, this CO2-powered BB version of SIG SAUER’s incredibly popular concealed carry centerfire pistol is remarkably small. Just look at its size compared to a regular 12-Gram CO2 cartridge…

HAM readers first saw a preview of this tiny BB pistol in our 2019 SHOT Show report. Now you can buy it.

The new SIG AIR P365 BB Pistol Is Now Available

The SIG AIR P365 BB pistol is supplied with a hefty Allen wrench for the CO2 cartridge cap. There’s also an operator’s manual and a pack of BBs to get you started. All you need is CO2.

In the hand, the P365 just about disappears from sight: as – of course – it was designed to do.

There was obviously a HUGE design challenge in making the drop-free magazine for this model. It needs to hold the CO2 cartridge and a stack of 12 BBs. Not only that, but the valve system is also included!

And then the magazine is actually a significant proportion of the size of the complete pistol! Spare magazines are available, too. Most users will want to buy several additional mags to obtain maximum benefit from the BB pistol as a training tool for the centerfire version.

The P365 has a blowback action and the slide holds back, open, after the last BB has been fired. The action is semi automatic. Slap-in a full magazine, rack the slide, take off the manual safety and the gun is ready to fire. Just like the centerfire version.

Unlike some previous SIG AIR pistols, the manual safety is fully ambidextrous. Again, this shows how much detailed engineering design work has been put into this tiny pistol.

HAM Tester Doug Wall can’t wait to get his hands on this pistol for a full, comprehensive HAM test! It will be coming soon…

Sig Sauer P365 ASP Air Pistol 12-shot BB Magazine
Sig Sauer P365 BB Pistol