FX Airguns Announces The Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit

With all the excitement about arrow guns, FX has announced the Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit. FX says that this makes it easy to take any existing Dreamline model, and turn it into a two-purpose gun for just $200 and in minutes!

Dreamlines can acheive up to 50 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy with the included 310 Gram arrows. That’s 270 FPS. This allows hunters to safely hunt up to deer sized game humanely, says the company.

FX Airguns Announces The Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit

Though FX says the arrows are accurate out to 70 Yards, the company recommends hunting at ranges up to 50 Yards. This is to ensure ethical hunting and retained kinetic energy.

The Dreamline Arrow Barrel is a free-floating barrel that allows special hollow carbon fiber arrows to slide over the barrel. High Pressure Air propels the shaft from the front of the arrow when fired.

FX Airguns Announces The Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit

Shot count varies depending on the model of Dreamline. However, it closely follows the shot count obtained by the .30 caliber Dreamline.

Due to the adjustable nature of all FX Dreamline rifles, the power can be lowered to cater to the specific hunting situation or for target practice.

FX Airguns Announces The Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit

The Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit comes with four full length arrows. These arrows come with premium field tip points, but broadheads can be attached.

Additional FX Arrows are sold separately.

With the Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit, FX says the Dreamline can now become a multi-purpose rifle at a fraction of the cost of owning a dedicated arrow hunting PCP air rifle.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s an Arrow Barrel Kit available for the FX Crown, too. The Crown achieves higher velocities based on the power plant of the rifle. FX explains that the arrow barrels for the Dreamline and the Crown are identical. The only difference is the firing probe for each rifle.