FX Dream-Pup And Dream-Classic Air Rifles Launched

FX Dream-Pup

The FX Dream-Pup is another member of the new Dreamline family. It takes the same Dreamline action found in the other models but fits it into a bullpup configuration to shorten the overall length to just 29 Inches (33 Inches in .25 and .30 calibers due to the longer barrel).

In an unique twist, FX Airguns explains that the Dream-Pup can easily be converted into to a full length sporter-stocked rifle using suitable Dreamline configuration kits. And back again, of course, if required!

FX Dream-Pup And Dream-Classic Air Rifles Launched

The FX Dream-Pup has the Dreamline valve adjustment knob as well as a hammer spring adjuster. Shooters familiar with the hammer spring adjuster on the FX Impact or FX Crown, will instantly recognize this adjustment, allowing for 13 settings of the hammer spring, says FX Airguns.

The company says that makes the FX Dream-Pup is a versatile bullpup that can not only adjust caliber and barrel liners, but also the regulator, hammer spring tension and air flow needed to find the perfect harmonic balance for the pellet you are using.

FX Dream-Classic

The third member of the Dreamline family is the FX Dream-Classic. This, says FX, is a natural evolution of the FX Streamline. FX has taken the proven Streamline platform and added multiple features that take it to the next level; bridging the gap to rifles such as the FX Crown and FX Impact, according to the company.

FX Dream-Pup And Dream-Classic Air Rifles Launched

The FX Dream-Classic is available in Walnut, Black Pepper Laminate, and Synthetic stock options. These stocks are slightly different than the previous Streamline stock. They have a higher cheek piece to provide good cheek weld when using high scope rings like the FX No-Limit rings.

High rings are recommended if using the large capacity magazine included with the Dream-Classic configuration (as shown). All Dreamlines can use standard FX rotary mags if shooters want to use low or medium rings.

FX Dream-Pup And Dream-Classic Air Rifles Launched

Specifications for the FX Dream-Pup and Cream-Classic:

– Calibers: .177, .22, .25, .30

– Weight: 5.5 Lbs

– Cocking System : Sidelever

– Length: 37.75 Inches

– Barrel: Smooth Twist X

– Barrel Length: 500mm in .177, 600mm in .22, .25 and .30 calibers

– Magazine: 21 round in .177 caliber; 18 round in .22 cal; 16 round in .25 cal; 14 round in .30 caliber

– Air Capacity: 250cc

– Air Cylinder: Aluminum

– Maximum Fill Pressure: 230 BAR (3,300 PSI)

– Shots Per Fill: Up to 110 shots in .177; 80 shots in .22 caliber; 50 shots in .25 cal; 25 shots in .30 caliber

– Muzzle Energy: .177 caliber up to 18 Ft/Lbs; .22 cal up to 32 Ft/Lbs; .25 caliber up to 47 Ft/Lbs; .30 up to 75 Ft/Lbs

– Trigger: Adjustable Match

– Regulator: Adjustable Match Precision (AMP)

– Optics Rail: Dovetail

FX DreamPup Air Rifle
FX Dreamline, Bullpup