FX Impact M3 Accessories

Not content with unveiling the brand new Impact M3 air rifle, FX has also announced a range of new Impact M3 accessories which are dedicated specifically for the new model. Let’s take a look at them…

Impact M3 Pressure Gauge Accessories

Not content with making high quality analog Wika pressure gauges standard on the new M3, FX Airguns has announced an ultra-precision digital pressure gauge option. These gauges are manufactured by the Swiss company Keller and can be used as either the bottle gauge or second regulator gauge.

These FX Keller gauges will be available by the end of May, 2021, the company tells HAM.

FX Impact M3 Accessories

Sticking with pressure gauges, there’s also a new “Angled Manometer Bracket”. This allows the second regulator gauge to be more easily observed from the shooting position. It replaces the regular gauge position on the underside of the gun’s main block.

FX Impact M3 Accessories

Look for this accessory to be available in May 2021.

Impact M3 Chronograph Accessories

Now there’s a FX Barrel Chronograph! This screws onto any standard 1/2-Inch UNF barrel thread. It’s also threaded so that a silencer can be screwed onto it at the end.

The FX Barrel Chronograph communicates by Bluetooth to either the regular FX Pocket Radar Chronograph cellphone app or to the FX Chronograph we’ll look at next. It’s compatible with barrels up to .30 caliber and will be available in Summer 2021.

The FX Chronograph Display is mounted to the M3 and provides an immediate, easily-viewable display of the most recent shot’s muzzle velocity. It will sync-up to either the FX Barrel Chronograph or the FX Radar Chronograph. The unit is also connects by Bluetooth to the FX Chronograph Smartphone App.

The FX Chronograph Display mounts under the M3’s scope (see photo below). It can also be mounted onto the side accessory rail of the FX Maverick and FX Dream-Tact air rifles. FX Airguns tells HAM that this display can be customized to show magazine shot count and other yet unannounced display options.

Look for it to become available in Summer 2021.

FX Impact M3 Accessories

If you already have an FX Pocket Radar Chronograph and want to use it with a new M3, there’s a new FX Chronograph Mount that enables you to do just that! This includes a stiff carbon fiber rod that attaches to the side Picatinny rail, allowing the chronograph to be used without effecting the POI.

FX Impact M3 Accessories

Impact M3 Barrel Accessories

Now to the barrel!

The new FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve is described as an effective and easy way to add rigidity and dampen the harmonic signature of any FX STD Liner. The result is improved accuracy.

Available from the end on May 2021, FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeves will be available for the various barrel lengths offered by FX in .177 cal, .22 caliber, .25 and .30 cal.

These Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeves work hand-in-hand with the new FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner Shroud. That’s coming next…

The FX Integrated harmonic Barrel Tuner is a system that allows a specialized weight to be precisely located near the muzzle to mitigate barrel harmonics. The result, says the company, is tighter groups on target, particularly at extended ranges.

The FX Integrated  Harmonic Barrel Tuner will be offered in multiple shroud lengths. It will fit the M3 as well as the FX Maverick. Availablility is scheduled for Summer 2021.

Finally – phew! – there’s an FX Impact Twin Shroud. This comprises a second empty hollow cylinder which attaches to the base of the regular barrel shroud. There’s a port between the shrouds, allowing the Twin Shroud to capture a large amount of air and thus reduce the sound of the shot.

FX says that the Twin Shroud works particularly well with moderators containing built-in baffles that help push the air back into the shroud system. The FX Twin Shroud is scheduled to be available in Summer 2021.

But first, you need to have an Impact M3 yourself…

FX Impact M3 Bronze
FX Impact M3 Black