FX Impact Tensioned Barrel Kits Becoming Available

Pyramyd Air is expecting FX Impact Tensioned Barrel Kits to become available in the very near future.

These Tensioned Barrel Kits comprise a barrel plus the accessory parts required for installation. They are compatible with the FX Impact M3 for sure, and maybe older models that can accommodate STX barrels too, Pyramyd Air can advise on this.

FX Impact Tensioned Barrel Kits

FX Impact Tensioned Barrel Kits are available with two barrel lengths – 70 mm (27.6 Inches) and 800 mm (31.5 Inches). There’s a choice of calibers in each length. Both can be had in either .22 cal, .25, .30 or .35 caliber. The shorter (700 mm) kits is also available in .177 caliber.

These kits are designed to provide additional stability for the relatively-thin FX barrels when firing heavy slugs at long ranges. Improved accuracy is the result.

From a barrel harmonics perspective, the tensioner system reduces the amplitude of barrel movement on firing. This results in better accuracy and more consistency, says FX Airguns.

In addition, the greater rigidity of the barrel allows for reduced changes caused by temperature, environmental changes and knocks in use. The result is improved zero holding.

The manufacturer says that these Tensioned Barrel Kits will give particular benefits when combined with a Power Block and Tungsten hammer, thus achieving maximum power for firing heavy slugs at long ranges.

Note: FX Airguns says that the tensioned barrel kit is not really needed if shooting pellet. This is because pellet shooting uses much less pressure, resulting in much less movement to the barrel during firing. Most existing FX STX barrels are more than rigid enough to cater to standard pellets and their associated speeds, the company says, except for the .35 caliber which does benefit from it.

The price is $349.99.

FX Impact STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit, 700mm, .25 Cal.
FX Impact STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit, 800mm, .22 Cal