FX Superior STX Liners – The Latest Introduction From FX Airguns

FX Superior STX Liners have been introduced to accompany the new .25 caliber FX Hybrid Slugs.

As with Smooth Twist X barrel liners, the new Superior STX barrel liners are still created using FX Airgun’s patented method of creating barrels, pressing the rifling into the barrel from the outside in. But new machinery enables this to be done with a higher degree of precision, lower tolerances, and some other slight modifications.

The result – says FX Airguns – is a superior liner to the standard STX barrel liner.

There are two families of barrel liners being released for most calibers; a standard Superior STX Liner and a Superior STX Heavy Liner.

FX Superior STX Barrel Liners

These standard barrel liners have been created to shoot standard weight pellet and Hybrid Slugs. FX tells us that indoor 100 Yard controlled testing has confirmed that the new Superior STX Barrel Liner shoot standard FX pellets even better than the previous STX Pellet Liner!

Keeping in mind the amount of championship wins the STX Pellet liner has, that is a strong statement! The standard Superior STX Liner also maximizes the accuracy of the ground-breaking FX Hybrid Slug.

FX Superior STX Heavy Liners

These new barrel liners will be replacing the STX Slug A liners in the coming months. ‘Heavy’ denotes that this liner has a different twist rate better suited for heavier pellets and heavier slugs (as opposed to lighter weight Hybrid Slugs).


Initially, the .25 caliber Superior STX Barrel Liner will be available at FX dealers to coincide with the release of the new .25 Caliber FX Hybrid Slugs.

It is important to note that in order to get the optimum accuracy from FX Hybrid Slugs, users need to obtain this new liner. Additional Superior liners will be released over the coming months.

The Smooth Twist X barrel liner system revolutionized airguns with their ability to swap out liners and easily tailor the barrel to the projectile. This was done with an eye to the future to have the ability to create barrels for future projectile developments. FX Superior STX Barrel Liners illustrate the versatility of the STX Barrel System by allowing existing FX Airgun owners to upgrade and retrofit their rifle.

US Street Prices are less than $110.

FX STX Superior Barrel Liner .25 Cal