FX USA Issues Update – Receiver Appointed

This is another update to the rapidly-evolving progress of the FX USA issues. The latest significant update is that a Receiver has been appointed to the company.

As of October 30, 2023, the Court concluded that a receiver with certain limited authority should be appointed on an initial and interim basis to assess the financial records and financial condition of FX USA.

As a result of the limited nature of the receivership, the management of FX USA shall remain vested solely in the current management.

You can see full details of this in the “Order Appointing Receiver”, Docket 37 in the public court case records. (Link below). A definition of receivership is here, in Wikipedia.

Major Warning (Again).

I have zero personal knowledge or “inside information” about FX Airguns, FX Airguns USA or FX USA issues. What I cover here is publicly-available information that anyone can find on the Internet.

However, please remember that – just because something is published in the Court Records – it may not necessarily be true. So I make no representation about the truth any of the information published in the links shown here, I’m just saying that you can read it online too.

Also, given that legal action is in process, anyone commenting on this article needs to be very careful what they say. If not, YOU could end-up being sued, too! Mention has already been made in the legal documents about comments made in the Airgun Nation Forum.

So HAM Community Moderators will delete anything that we feel is inappropriate for this reason – for our own good and yours…

Remember the legal process in the USA and most other countries works under the base assumption that any person (or entity) involved in legal action is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law – NOT the court of Social Media, television, airgun forums, our own opinion or anywhere else. Thank you!

Finally, this is EXTREMELY complex and the situation is changing daily.

How To Find The Court Case.

On October 3, 2023, a law suit was filed in the General Court of Justice, Superior Court Division, State of North Carolina, County of Wake. Case Number 2023CVS27939. In it, the Plaintiff requests that a General Receiver be appointed for FX Airguns USA, to take control of the company.

As this is a court case, this is public record. We can all read it here: https://ncbc.nccourts.org/public/ You’ll need to type “FX” in the search box to find the case.


Court documents are shown in the “Dockets” tab. The “Complaint”, Docket 3 is the document that outlines the plaintiff’s (“FX Sweden”) original case against FX Airguns USA.

It’s a long read…