Gamo Promotes New PROSHOT ID System

Gamo manufacturers many different air guns so they developed a new system that aligns the right air gun with the right ammunition, it’s called the PROSHOT ID System. The intention is to advise airgun shooters of the perfect combination of pellets and airgun in all shooting applications.

Each air gun is designed differently to perform various tasks and ammunition is developed in the same manner. says Gamo.

The PROSHOT ID System is designed to remove the element of miss-matching ammunition with air guns in order for customers to extract the highest level of performance from their air gun of choice.  From hunting to pest control and recreation to target and competition, all Gamo air gun and ammunition packages are clearly labeled and color coordinated to designate their recommended primary usage for quick and easy pairing.

PROSHOT ID System color-coding is also featured on some Gamo air rifles as a spacer between the stock and buttpad in the appropriate color.

Red. Pest Control and Recreation:  Provides accuracy and high velocity – ideal for nuisance animals such as mice, rats, birds and snakes.  Also perfect for recreational shooting and other everyday uses.

Green. Hunting:  Delivers accuracy with higher energy downrange for ultimate impact and penetration – ideal for small game such as rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and crows.

Blue. Target and Competition:  Offers the ultimate in accuracy and consistent performance – ideal for both training and competitive shooting.

Gamo Promotes New PROSHOT ID System