This Week on American Airgunner

Watch American Airgunner this week for an all-new episode on the Pursuit Channel Friday night at 8:30 pm EST, as part of the NRA Freedom Friday lineup. That’s September 23, 2016, of course! Watch host Rossi Morreale introduce Kacey Coppola, of the Kate and Kacey country-singing duo, to handgun shooting.

At a range in Arkansas, Rossi uses four variants of Walther handguns to introduce Kacey to handgun shooting sports. He starts her out with a Walther PPQ pellet pistol and ends with a firearm PPQ chambered in 9mm. This stepped approach to building skills introduces safety and promotes a positive shooting experience.

This Week on American Airgunner

In other segments, Rossi reviews the Walther Parrus, a new air rifle made in Germany that’s suitable for small game hunting needs. At the Airgunner Round Table the team discusses the best ideas for introducing new people to the shooting sports.

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