Ghost Workshop Guides Now Available – And For Other BRK Models, Too

Just a couple of days ago, HAM reported on the dealer training sessions run by Precision Airgun Distribution. Now we can reveal more details of the BRK Ghost Workshop Guides that were used as part of this training.

You see, these are available for BRK owners to use – should they wish. They’re not restricted to airgun dealers only.

BRK is clear that these guides and their accompanying videos are intended for use by professional gunsmiths. However many owners feel confident in their ability to work on your rifle, particularly if the warranty has expired.

If you are such a person – and many HAM readers are – then these guides will help you too.

Plus, the guides are not available just for the Ghost, they also cover the BRK XR models as well. In other words, BRK workshop guides are available for all of their current models. That’s pretty impressive!

Ghost Workshop Guides Now Available

In fact, this is the final part of a massive project to provide additional technical support to Daystate and BRK dealers and shooters around the world. It follows-on with the concept and format of the Daystate Workshop Guides which were unveiled at the end of 2023.

BRK Ghost Workshop Guides – and the XR Guides, too – are free. They can be accessed from the BRK-Brocock website drop down menu at, or via this direct link:

The accompanying videos have been produced by Sub 12 Airgunners and include information of required tools and O ring sizes. Each video is accompanied by a workshop manual and photographs with hyperlinks to key sections.

Ghost Workshop Guides Now Available

Judging from the current levels of interest in the BRK Ghost, I’m guessing that this Workshop Guide will be highly popular with existing owners and prospective buyers too.

As an airgun writer and content creator myself, I can tell everyone that there has been a HUGE amount of painstaking, detailed work involved to create and publish this material. Marketing Manager Tony Belas and the complete team involved should be congratulated for all their efforts!