HAM Community First Anniversary – PasadenaMike Wins An Umarex Notos!

Yes the HAM Community is one year old today! Most of all, I would personally like to thank everyone who has participated with contributions of all kinds. That’s starting Threads, posting Messages and Liking the input of others. The Community would not exist without you!

There’s also another group of people who need to be thanked. These are our advertisers. Without such robust and enthusiastic support from the airgun industry, our Community would not exist.

Yes, it’s our advertisers who are paying for us to have a good time in the Community! Please thank them by making purchases from HAM advertisers when you shop for airguns and related products.

In alphabetical order, they are…
– American Air Arms
– Airguns of Arizona
– Benjamin
– Barra Airguns
– BRK (Brocock)
– Crosman
– Daystate
– Diana
– Edgun West
– Extreme Benchrest
– H&N
– Hawke Optics
– MTC Optics
– Predator International/JSB
– Pyramyd
– Sightron
– Umarex USA
– Weihrauch
– Western Airguns

As you know, our Community works by helping others and giving back. That’s why we have the HAM Airgun Points program. This recognizes positive activity in our Community. Thanks to the generosity of our industry participants, HAM Airgun Points also enable Community members to redeem accumulated Points in return for valuable savings.

As an outstanding example of the incredible industry support for our Community, Umarex USA is providing a new Umarex Notos PCP air rifle to the Member who has contributed most in the first year. That’s measured by his having accumulated the largest total number of HAM Airgun Points during the year.

The winner – by a large margin – is PasadenaMike. Congratulations to him! PasadenaMike wins his HAM Gold Award-winning Notos and will undoubtedly join the large number of enthusiastic owners of that great little air rifle.

Now – if you look at the HAM “Richest Users” list, PasadenaMike does not have the largest number of HAM Points at this time. That’s because he has redeemed a TON of them already for hundreds of Dollars in savings through our redemption program. Smart.

Congratulations to PasadenaMike!

In addition, I’d like to recognize the “Top Twelve” HAM Airgun Points winners in our Community’s first year. Again, the Points totals may not match those in the current “Richest Users” list as they also may have redeemed some of their Points. Here they are…

NameTotal HAM Points
Hateful McNasty4,927.50
Luis Leon3,323.75

Each “Top Twelve” winner will receive a tin of HAM Gold Award-winning .22 caliber H&N Slugs HP courtesy of our friends at H&N Sport. (Various combinations of head size and weight will be supplied). Thanks H&N!!!

Every winner also receives a limited edition HAM hat to wear with pride.

Congratulations to all of you!

In particular, I’d like to recognize Community member pan60 for his generosity.

Back in December 2023, Pan voluntarily gave away a good number of his HAM Airgun Points to another Community member. That enabled the other member to redeem 2,500 Points for a guaranteed shooting place at the 2024 Extreme Benchrest competition. Thank you Pan!

As I only know you by your “Community names”, will each “Top Twelve” winner please send me a PM? You do this by starting a private Conversation with me. Please include your real name and physical address. We’ll get your hat and slugs out to you asap. Umarex USA will send out the Notos directly.

In our first year, close to 2,400 threads and over 26,000 messages have been contributed by you, our HAM Community members. That’s a great start and it’s only going to get better from here…

In addition to thanking all our members, I would also like to recognize the “lurkers” who read Community content, but have not become members – yet…

Again, thanks to all of you!