HAM Exclusive! CM Endustri – A New Player In The Semi-Auto PCP Airgun Market

There’s lots happening in the airgun world from Turkey right now! Now this Hard Air Magazine exclusive story brings you details of a new PCP air rifle manufacturer: CM Endustri. This is one of several Turkish shotgun manufacturers which are also moving into the airgun arena.

CM Endustri has been producing firearms – primarily shotguns – for 12 years. They are based in Bursa and employ 60 people, manufacturing the vast majority of parts themselves using CNC machines in their own factory – the company tells HAM. That includes the wood stocks.

Their first airgun design is a bottle-fed, bullpup-style PCP with a wide range of features.

Probably the main feature – and one that is unique so far as I know – is that it can be used in both semi-automatic and straight-pull bolt modes. (There’s an action selector switch on the left side of the action that’s not visible in these photographs of a prototype gun).

I have seen a video of the gun working in semi-auto mode. It seems to work very well indeed!

Available calibers range from .177 right up to .50 caliber, including .30 cal, .375 caliber and .45. Power levels reach up to 550 Ft/Lbs in big bore calibers, HAM is told.

There’s a built-in power adjustment options (again on the left side). The straight-pull bolt action operation can be changed by the user from one side to the other very easily. Caliber changes are also quick and easy, the company says.

CM Endustri - A New Player In The PCP Airgun Market

HPA bottle pressure is standardized at 250 bar (3,625 PSI), with different capacities being available – from 280 cc up to 550 cc.

As you would expect, the action is manufactured from 7200 series Aluminum, while the stocks are fashioned from Turkish Walnut. There’s also a moderator and Picatinny rail for scope mounting.

Overall length is 33.5 Inches and the weight 8 Lbs 6 Oz.

The .177 caliber version uses an interchangeable 14 shot magazine. Muzzle Energy is up to 45 Ft/Lbs. In .22 caliber, there’s a 12-shot mag with 60 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy. In .25 caliber, capacity is 10-shots.

The manufacturer has shared some more detailed performance test results with HAM for the .25 caliber model, showing strong performance from both pellets and slugs. The details are in this table.

Pellet WeightMuzzle VelocityMuzzle Energy
19.91 Grains1300 FPS74.7 Ft/Lbs
25 Grains1180 FPS77.3 Ft/Lbs
31 Grains1080 FPS80.3 Ft/Lbs
45 Grains910 FPS82.3 Ft/Lbs
46 Grains880 FPS79.1 Ft/Lbs

CM Endustri is looking for dealers, wholesalers and distributors in countries outside Turkey. Their website is currently under construction, but contact details are already available there…