HAM Exclusive! Diana 34 EMS Upgrade Strategy Revealed

There’s been lots of interest in the Diana 34 EMS upgrade strategy. Now HAM can bring you the full story…

Background And Overview

As a reminder, the EMS in the Model 34 product name stands for “Easy Modular System”. The intention is that this excellent new air rifle can be customized, changed or upgraded in a number of ways, offering more flexibility to the owner.

The basic areas to which the EMS concept can be applied are as follows:

  • Adjustment/elimination of barrel droop
  • Open sight versatility
  • Caliber change (.177 or .22)
  • Powerplant change (spring or gas ram)

HAM Exclusive! Diana 34 EMS Upgrade Strategy Revealed

Diana has confirmed to HAM that the 34 EMS upgrade kits will be shipped-out to country distributors in the very near future. Currently the schedule says that they should arrive in the USA in May/June. But that may be subject to some change as a result of knock-on from global supply chain issues such as that giant container ship being wedged in the Suez Canal recently…

Obviously individual country pricing differs – not the least in whether Sales Taxes are included in advertised prices or not. The MSRPs listed below are in Euros – €. (One Euro is worth about $1.17 at the time of writing). As usual with MSRPs, the actual “Street Price” is likely to be lower.

1. Barrel Droop Adjustment Kit

This kit comprises two different spacer plates (0.1 and 0.2), plus some screwdrivers and a manual. It carries the Diana factory Item Number 540.90.0002 and has a MSRP of €9.95. This kit can be installed by the user, as explained in this HAM post.

HAM Exclusive! Diana 34 EMS Upgrade Strategy Revealed

2. Open Sights And Upgrades

There’s a choice of front sight and rear sight kits. Each kit includes tools and a manual for owner installation. This HAM post gives more details.

There is a sticker set to cover the stop pin holes in the top of the compression tube. That’s included here for completeness.

Item Numbers and pricing are included in the table below.

Diana Item NumberDescriptionMSRP
540.90.0004Fiber Optic Front Sight Kit€24.95
540.90.0006Premium Tunnel Front Sight Kit€39.95
540.90.0005Rear Sight Kit€24.95
540.90.0007Pin Hole Cover Sticker Set€6.95

3. Caliber Change

Now we can reveal that the HAM Team had confidential early information about the work required to change a Diana 34 EMS barrel.

We have to say that it’s a lot more complicated than we expected! There’s the need for special tools and a level of airgunsmithing skill too.

This is definitely not a job for anyone to undertake. It’s absolutely NOT like swapping the barrel on a Beeman 1073/4-type airgun. In fact, the HAM Team would think twice about doing this job ourselves without plenty of time, preparation and the appropriate tools…

So – although there will be howls of dismay in many quarters – the plans are that barrel changes for the 34 EMS are most likely to be offered as a dealer/distributor service only.

The reason is clear – SAFETY! With the significant forces involved in cocking a breakbarrel air rifle, everything has to be just right or serious problems could result.

This means that yes, there are to be .177 and .22 caliber barrels available for interchange. However there’s also a tool kit. Also an accessory kit is required for each barrel change. So there’s no MSRPs for these kits as they’re not intended for resale as parts only.

It’s possible that Diana distributors in some countries could vary that “service only” approach. But we wouldn’t bank on that for liability reasons.

Diana Item NumberDescriptionMSRP
540.90.0003Tool Kit For Barrel ChangeN/a
S540. Caliber BarrelN/a
S540. Caliber BarrelN/a
540.90.0009Accessory Kit For Barrel Change. One must be ordered for every barrel installation.N/a

HAM Exclusive! Diana 34 EMS Upgrade Strategy Revealed

4. N_TEC Gas Ram Upgrade

By now you’ve probably guessed that the same story applies to the gas ram upgrade. This kit is supplied complete with special tools and a manual.

It also will be a “service only” upgrade in (almost) all countries. The kit carries the Diana factory Item Number 540.90.0008. There’s no MSRP.


So now we know the Diana 34 EMS upgrade strategy. Barrel droop correction and sight changes for the Diana 34 EMS are user jobs. Barrel/caliber changes and gas ram installation are 99% likely to be a professional service upgrade only in most countries.

But one thing’s for sure, the 34 EMS is a great air rifle in stock form. HAM Tester Eric Brewer did buy the test gun and he’s loving it!


Diana 34 EMS Break Barrel Air Rifle, Wood 0.177

Diana 34 EMS .177 Cal Wood