HAM Exclusive! – INTEGRIX™ Riflescopes – A New Premium Brand From Leapers

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company, Leapers, Inc. launched INTEGRIX riflescopes at the 2022 SHOT Show. This new range of premium scopes has been designed from the ground up by Leapers’ engineers.

Not only was the development done all in-house, but Leapers is also building INTEGRIX scopes in the company’s very own manufacturing facilities.

This end-to-end coverage, from collecting customer needs all the way through manufacturing to shipping product to customers, is a comprehensive business model followed by very few optics companies. (Most specify a product and then out-source design, engineering and assembly to Third-party, contract-manufacturing companies).

Below. The INTEGRIX 3-12 x 50 FFP scope.

INTEGRIX Riflescopes - A New Premium Brand From Leapers

Such a wholistic approach is a key differentiator for Leapers, Inc. as it allows the company to really understand its product, to control quality and maintain consistency. That’s a major reason for the company’s great reputation for quality and value, supported – of course – by the Leapers, Inc. Lifetime Warranty.

Well, actually, INTEGRIX scopes do include one important element that’s not produced in-house…

Leapers, Inc. decided to source glass used for lenses in INTEGRIX scopes from the world’s top manufacturers of optical glass – Schott and Ohara. This provides significant design benefits that can clearly be seen by the user as outstanding sharpness and contrast.

On top of that, Leapers, Inc. has created a new brand name – INTEGRIX – for this premium riflescope line. We’re all familiar with Leapers’ UTG, TBNR and UTG PRO brands. The INTEGRIX brand is a clear signal that here we’re looking at something that’s completely new and different. A step-change in quality and performance.

There’s a clear analogy here with the car industry. Toyota has always been trusted for quality, reliable products at a fair price. So the company created the Lexus brand to differentiate their new, up-market range which was designed to compete with – and beat – the best in the industry. INTEGRIX is Leapers’ Lexus!

Current plans call for INTEGRIX models to begin shipping during the course of 2022.

INTEGRIX Riflescopes - A New Premium Brand From Leapers

In order to understand more about the background to INTEGRIX premium riflescopes, HAM Publisher Stephen Archer spoke to Leapers, Inc. CEO David Ding. That’s David in our photographs above. Here’s what he found out in this exclusive interview.

HAM: What are the key differentiators for INTEGRIX optics compared to other scopes in the market?

David Ding: Steve, like all companies, we compete in the market for consumer recognition and market approval. We innovate following our passion and Voice of Customer research.

Our desire is to create fine optics that answer the ever-evolving trends in shooting and hunting. That, of course, includes airguns: airgunners have always been a vital part of our business!

I’d like to make it clear that INTEGRIX riflescopes are designed to offer real, substantive benefits to their users. For example, we see the continuous development of PCP air rifles and the ongoing desire to shoot them at ever-greater distances.

If you’re going to hit a target at long range, it’s essential that you see that target clearly!

It’s not just a matter of magnification. There’s many other factors at play to ensure rapid target acquisition and making the hit. Here’s where we have focused with INTEGRIX riflescopes. We benchmark other premium scopes, then aim to exceed them…

HAM: Can you give us some examples?

David Ding: With pleasure!

Field of View is critical for rapid target acquisition. So we’ve designed INTEGRIX scopes to have a significantly wider field of view (FOV) than competitive premium scopes. A wider FOV makes it much easier to observe more of the immediate area, acquire targets within, take the shot, and follow through thereafter accordingly. It increases the shooter’s chances of success, particularly when hunting!

INTEGRIX riflescopes also offer superior image quality both on-axis (at the center of the field) and off-axis (at the edges). That’s edge-to-edge sharpness at low and high powers for small and large targets, different materials and color backgrounds with a lot more details and definition of the images. Again, we’re making it easier for the human eye to see the target clearly.

We’ve also designed INTEGRIX zoom scopes to have a longer and consistent eye relief. With many zoom scopes, eye relief changes as you alter the magnification. Having a consistent eye relief makes it easier to stay on target as there’s no need to change your cheek weld for an optimum sight picture. That’s another practical aid to consistent, accurate shooting.

HAM: Can you give us some technical background on the lenses in INTEGRIX scopes?

David Ding: We already mentioned that INTEGRIX riflescopes use top-quality German Schott and Japanese Ohara glass. Then each lens must be designed with optimized curvature and center-to-edge thickness. Perfect centering and precise, inter-element air gaps are also important. That requires extensive and skillful computer modeling and analysis.

Then lenses still need to be precision ground, polished and coated to give optimal performance. In fact, coating is a big deal…

All INTEGRIX scope lenses have 11 layers – sometimes more – applied to all optical surfaces. That even includes the reticle lenses! This gives better image clarity and contrast, we tune it to be pleasant for the human eyes.

These lens coatings provide over a 93% light transmission. That’s a very high figure that meets or exceeds that of other premium scopes.

Given that each INTEGRIX scope incorporates at least 15 individual lenses, in order to achieve that 93% overall transmission, every individual lens element needs to transmit more than 99.85% of the light that it receives. With the applied coatings Leapers’ designers not only achieved this, but also delivered the image clarity and contrast that is most sensitive and pleasant to the human eye.


HAM: INTEGRIX Scopes use 34mm Tubes. What’s the benefit of that?

David Ding: 34mm diameter tubes give us around 28% additional internal area to work with, compared to 30mm tubes. This can provide better light transmission if designs are fully-optimized to allow for optimal transmission – that doesn’t just happen automatically. Of course, INTEGRIX scopes are fully-optimized for that!

The larger tube diameter also provides more real estate for the mechanical elements of the riflescope. There’s more space for elevation and windage adjustments, more space for making parallax adjustments and space for the reticle illumination housing.

We’re very proud of the precision parallax adjustment capabilities in INTEGRIX scopes. They allow for precise distance measurement – and we understand how important that is for airgunners! The first INTEGRIX models have a parallax adjustment range from 30 Yards to Infinity. Most high power PCP shooters will be happy with this, but you can expect some closer-focusing INTEGRIX models in future, too.

Turning to elevation and windage adjustment ranges, INTEGRIX scopes have no less than 100 MOA adjustment range for the elevation turrets. (It’s “only” 90 MOA for the 1-8×28 model.) That matches or exceeds most other premium scopes and is incorporated to benefit the long range shooter.

Given the ballistics of airgun pellets, that large adjustment range is a powerful benefit. Plus, all INTEGRIX scopes have Zero-Lock and Zero-Resetting capability.

In addition, INTEGRIX long range scopes will have a “Zero Stop” feature. This allows users to set a positive stopping point at the zeroed position. Then, no matter how many elevation (or windage) adjustments you make when shooting, turning the knob back to the Zero Stop setting takes you to your original zero.

INTEGRIX Riflescopes - A New Premium Brand From Leapers

HAM: Can you tell us about more airgun-specific features of INTEGRIX riflescopes?

David Ding: Well Steve, all INTEGRIX scopes have been and will continue to be tested for reliability on both spring-piston and PCP Airguns in calibers such as the common .177, .22, and more. This is a must have passing requirement. This is in addition to the scopes’ passing requirement of being able to reliably handle, at minimum, a steady diet of .338 LAPUA Magnum when it comes to firearms.

Also “big wheels” will be made available for the majority of INTEGRIX models. This will please airgun Field Target shooters and others needing precision parallax adjustment for range-finding.

To expand on my earlier statement about close-focusing parallax adjustment, I can reveal to HAM readers that we are working on INTEGRIX designs with parallax adjustment starting at 10 Yards. In fact, you can expect to hear more about these around the end of 2022!

And then there’s “Christmas Tree” style reticles. We know how helpful these can be for many types of airgun shooting. So you can also expect to see styles of this reticle appear in future INTEGRIX riflescopes as the range expands.

HAM: David, thanks for your time and for explaining so much about the new INTEGRIX product range! Good luck with the SHOT Show launch. I’m sure that we will all be hearing – and seeing – a lot more about INTEGRIX rifle scopes in future!

You can find out more at the INTRGRIX website.