HAM Exclusive! New .25 Cal JSB Hades Pellets First Look

Just arrived in the HAM offices are a pre-production sample of the .25 cal JSB Hades pellets. Of course, we couldn’t wait to try them out! So here’s our first look. A full HAM pellet test review will follow asap…

Look for these pellets to be available at retail in the USA in late November 2019.

Like the .22 caliber Hades pellets, the .25 cal JSB Hades pellets are dedicated, high impact hunting ammo. The .22 cal version has already achieved a great reputation with airgun hunters. The HAM Team is sure that this will also be the case for these larger caliber pellets!

HAM Exclusive! New .25 Cal JSB Hades Pellets First Look

The Hades design has a heavy head with a long skirt and slight waist. The head is divided into three sections, the intention being that it promotes mushrooming in the target.

Does it work? Just take a look at the before and after photograph below. That expansion on impact clearly results in a devastating wound channel – exactly what is required for ethical, “one shot kill” airgun hunting.

FYI. The pellet was fired into a soap block, that’s the standard method we use for all HAM pellet testing.

The weight of .25 cal JSB Hades pellets is specified at 25.54 Grains (1.720 Grams is marked on the tine we received – as you can see below).

As a part of HAM’s standard Ballistic Coefficient testing, we shot 10 Hades pellets from a FX Impact air rifle. This showed a BC value of 0.026.

We normally don’t publish our BC test worksheets, however here’s the one for the .25 cal JSB Hades pellets, showing the velocities recorded using Labradar. As you can see, that’s pretty consistent shot-to-shot performance. Consistent FPS in this test is usually a good indication of manufacturing consistency and – hence – real world performance.

(As always in HAM BC testing, we shot the pellets straight from the tin. They were not washed or selected in any way).

HAM Exclusive! New .25 Cal JSB Hades Pellets First Look

Although we don’t include accuracy as a factor in our pellet testing because there are so many other variables, most notably the barrel, we couldn’t help noticing that the 10 shots all went into a single hole at 30 yards. We were impressed straight away!

The pellets we received are final pre-production pellets. That means that they should be identical to volume production. They’re packed in a new screw-topped – HOORAY!!!!! – tin. However, the final labels had not yet been printed at the time these samples were shipped to us.

Inside the tin, there’s foam packaging around the sides and top of the tin. We’re not sure if this will be the final configuration for production, but it certainly gave outstanding protection to the pellets shipped to us.

HAM Pellet Tester Doug Wall is working hard measuring a second tin of these .25 cal JSB Hades pellets. We hope to have a comprehensive HAM Pellet Test available for you in the near future. Stay tuned…

JSB Match Diabolo Hades, .25 Cal, 26.54gr, Pointed 150 ct 0.25