Hand Painted Wood Stocks On Ataman Air Rifles

Here’s an unusual way to have a truly personalized air rifle! Russian manufacturer Ataman is making hand painted wood stocks available on some of its models.

Rustam Nadyrov of Ataman explained to HAM that these stocks are hand-painted in a traditional Russian style known as “Khokhloma”.

Khokhloma is a beautiful, highly-sophisticated style of painting that dates back to the 17th century. It has always been used as decoration for furniture and other wood items. So, it’s entirely appropriate that it should be used for air rifle stocks, too.

Just take a close look at the detail in these hand painted wood stocks!

Hand Painted Wood Stocks On Ataman Air Rifles

It’s obvious that the amount of time required to paint one stock must be immense and the skill required considerable. They certainly have “collector’s item” written all over them!

Hand Painted Wood Stocks On Ataman Air Rifles

No news yet about price and availability – or even if these beautiful Ataman stocks will be available outside of the Russian home market.

But it’s a fair bet that lead times will be very long. As for price, the HAM Team guesses that if you have to ask “how much?”, you probably can’t afford it!!!

The two models illustrated in these photographs are the Ataman M2 and BP17 air rifles. The Ataman BP17 scored very well in our recent, comprehensive HAM test review. It was an easy HAM Gold Award winner.

Of course, Ataman air rifles are available in the USA from Pyramyd Air, Airgun Depot and other specialist airgun retailers. If you’re interested in a Khokhloma-painted Ataman air rifle, it may be best to ask them for details…

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