Hard Air Magazine Awards Validate Daystate, Brocock Product Quality

Daystate, Brocock and MTC Optics customers can now buy with even more confidence following the companies’ decision to sign up to the prestigious Hard Air Magazine Awards Scheme.

HAM’s popularity, readership and influence has grown steadily over the past six years, currently attracting over 5,800 views per day, and its opinion is highly regarded for its authority and independence. But, hey you know that as a regular reader!!!

Hard Air Magazine Awards

The Hard Air Magazine Awards Scheme recognizes airgun-related ‘best-in-class’ products, with the Gold Award only handed out to those satisfying Hard Air Magazine’s exhaustive list of criteria.

Award-winning Daystate and Brocock products will now carry a hangtag on which is printed a QR code that links to the relevant Hard Air Magazine review. This enables prospective customers to gain an impartial opinion of the gear prior to actually purchasing it.

HAM awards are earned through their performance in a standard set of tests. These tests cover the quality, usability, performance, and value of the product. Due to its standardized test criteria, Hard Air Magazine can fairly compare one airgun with another in an impartial manner that’s unique in the airgun industry.

Below. The Brocock XR Magnum earned a Gold Award with a 96% score under test.

Hard Air Magazine has so far conducted over 200 standardized reviews of airgun products, and the list keeps growing. You can see the complete list on our Reviews Center page.

In today’s connected world, too much information is as bad as too little,” says Tony Belas of Daystate. “Most people have a smartphone with a QR code-reading app, so by providing quick and easy access to Hard Air Magazine’s independent reviews at the point of sale, we can help shooters focus on info that helps them make the right purchase decision.”

Below. The Daystate Wolverine R is also a Gold Award winner with a 95% score earned under test.

“Of course, this initiative also helps our retailers. Not only does it boost personal interaction with their customers, but it also provides them more detail to help explain the benefit of our products which will hopefully secure them the sale.”

“We encourage Daystate and Brocock retailers to read the Hard Air Magazine reviews themselves,” Tony concluded. “Each one contains a trove of data and information that can help match the right Daystate or Brocock airgun to the customer’s needs.”

Thanks Tony!

To be clear for all readers, HAM Awards always need to be EARNED by their performance on test, they cannot be bought.

To date, Daystate and Brocock products have earned HAM Awards with their demonstrated combination of quality, usability, value and performance. That will continue to be the case in future. Participation in this scheme means that the companies can use the appropriate HAM Awards logos for their own promotional and marketing purposes.