HatsanUSA Unveils The Hatsan Riptor Air Pistol

HatsanUSA has announced the Hatsan Riptor – a new C02-powered,  semi-automatic BB pistol.

The Hatsan Riptor is claimed to be the ultimate fun-gun for shooting cans or targets in the backyard.  With its realistic blowback action, this is one plinker that you’ll want to take with you wherever you go, says Hatsan.

The company is also positioning it as a great option for teaching pistol fundamentals to first-time shooters.

“Hatsan fans have been asking for us to bring a realistic blowback CO2 BB pistol to the US market and with the Hatsan Riptor, we feel like we’ve answered the call with an inexpensive and fun-to-shoot BB pistol,” said Blaine Manifold, President of HatsanUSA.

“The fact that it is also quite accurate and extremely quiet will add to the appeal” added Manifold.

The Hatsan Riptor is powered by common 12 gram CO2 cartridges and fires .177 caliber BBs.  Average muzzle velocities are claimed to be 350 FPS using steel BBs. Of course, this will vary with ambient temperature and rate of shooting, as with all CO2-powered air pistols.

The Riptor’s removable magazine holds 15 BBs, the CO2 cartridge and valve.
HatsanUSA Unveils the Hatsan Riptor Air Pistol

The Hatsan Riptor has an integral QuietEnergy sound suppression system. This reduces downrange noise, says Hatsan, making it a perfect choice for backyard plinking.

All-metal construction is designed to ensure durability of the pistol. There’s also a short built-in Weaver accessory rail ahead of the trigger guard. This makes it possible to attach lights, lasers and other accessories to the pistol.

The Hatsan Riptor’s pistol grip is covered in textured polymer. The manufacturer says that this ensures a comfortable grip for almost any hand size.

The Riptor was first shown at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. It’s not a replica air pistol but an unique design by Hatsan.

The MSRP for the new Hatsan Riptor CO2-powered air pistol is $89.99.