Hawke FFP Scopes Available Across The Range

First Focal Plane (FFP) riflescopes are gaining ground with serious airgunners. Reflecting this, there’s now Hawke FFP scopes available in the Frontier, Sidewinder, Vantage and Airmax ranges.

That’s a total of no less than eleven Hawke FFP scopes. So there’s a lot of choice, with a lot of choice in reticles, too – as we’ll see in this post!

The main benefit of FFP scopes will be found by hunters. In hunting, it’s often valuable to glass the area at low magnification and then zoom-in for the shot.

In a First Focal Plane scope, the effect of a mil dot holdover is the same, whatever magnification is chosen in the zoom range. This makes the probability of a hit much higher if you use variable magnifications on your zoom scope.

So that advantage is a huge one where you use varying magnifications in your zoom scope and need to take quick shots.

Hawke Frontier FFP Scopes

Frontier 30 scopes are the premier FFP line for Hawke Sports Optics. Frontier scopes have System H7 high-grade, low-dispersion Crown glass with 21-layer, fully multi-coated lenses, combined with 30mm diameter main tubes.

The three models include the 3-15×50 FFP, the 4-20×50 FFP and the 5-25×56 FFP scopes.

Hawke FFP Scopes Available Across The Range

Each Frontier FFP model uses the Hawke FFP Mil Pro (15X, 20X and 25X) reticle specifically calibrated to each scope. These scopes have Hawke’s patented Exposed Zero Lock ‘N’ Stop Elevation Turret system.

This new exposed tactical turret design features zero-stop, resettable and lockable turrets with a return-to-zero function in 1/10 MRAD, 1/2 MOA, or 1/4 MOA. With this capability, you can adapt to shooting conditions in the field, and do so safely knowing that the scope will return to your zero.

Hawke says that the Frontier line of riflescopes are well known for exceptional clarity throughout the entire field of view, together with crisp image transmission for an unsurpassed shooting experience.

Each lens layer is multi-coated throughout with microscopic layers of magnesium fluoride and other chemical layers guaranteeing sharpness, clarity, reduced glare and high light transmission. The result is unsurpassed crisp vision, ideal for making an accurate shot in any condition, the company tells HAM.

Hawke Sidewinder FFP Scopes

The Sidewinder line is made up of four FFP models, the 4-16×50 SF and the 6-24×56 SF. Each is available with a FFP MOA reticle, or FFP Half Mil Reticle.

The FFP MOA reticle is specifically designed for first focal plane optic. The MOA spacing has slightly closer aiming points than the FFP Half Mil reticle.

Hawke FFP Scopes Available Across The Range

The FFP MOA models are fitted with Hawke’s 1/4 MOA exposed and locking turrets with witness window, and the FFP Half Mil models are fitted with 1/10 MRAD turret clicks. This gives shooters options in optics and turret graduations to fit their personal preferences.

Hawke FFP Scopes Available Across The Range

These scopes also have a 30mm main tube and are equipped with Hawke’s new H5 optics. H5 brings an ultra-wide 24-degree field of view, combined with low-dispersion Crown glass and 18-layer multi-coated optics for light transmission and clarity.

Hawke Vantage FFP Scopes

Hawke 4-16×50 Vantage 30 WA FFP and 6-24×50 Vantage 30 WA FFP scopes have a FFP Half Mil Dot reticle.

These value-priced scopes have System H2 optics and are built on a 30mm mono-tube frames with 1⁄10 MRAD exposed and locking turrets. The side focus offers easy parallax adjustment.

Each scope has 11 layer fully multi-coated optics and is nitrogen purged to be water, shock and fogproof. They feature glass-etched reticles with adjustable red and green illumination with a rheostat on the saddle letting you select five levels of brightness.

Hawke Airmax FFP Scopes

There are two models of Airmax 30 FFP scopes. The Airmax 30 FFP SF IR 4-16×50, and the Airmax 30 FFP SF IR 6-24-50. Both scopes include a 4-inch sunshade, metal flip-up lens covers and Hawke’s airgun-dedicated FFP AMX IR reticle.


Again, Airmax 30 FFP Scopes are built on a one-piece aluminum 30mm chassis. They have Side Focus parallax adjustment that can focus down to 10 yards. Additional Side Focus wheels are supplied in the box. Adjustable illuminated reticles allow for maximum visibility in any lighting condition.

The FFP AMX IR reticle was developed specifically for First Focal Plane optical system and the reticle is based on a mil-dot reticle, but calibrated specifically for air rifles.

The FFP AMX IR offers multiple aim points, letting shooters stretch the limits of air rifle range. The reticle has Half-Mil Dot spacing on the lower post that gives you additional aiming points as the range opens up.

The horizontal bars are positioned at 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 Mil spacing. Hollow posts are segmented into Mil spacing and can be used for bracketing.

Hawke FFP Scopes Available Across The Range

The mil-spaced reticle and 1⁄10 MRAD turrets make for easy point of aim adjustment with resettable target turrets for easy return to zero. Being true FFP, the spacing is true at all magnification levels.

That’s a really large range of Hawke FFP scopes and you can find many of them available at Pyramyd Air…

Hawke Frontier 30 5-25×50 FFP IR Rifle Scope, Mil Pro Reticle, 1/10 MRAD, 30mm Tube

Hawke Sidewinder 30 FFP 4-16×50, Illuminated Half Mil Reticle, 30mm Tube

Hawke Vantage 30 WA FFP Riflescope 4-16×50 IR SF, 1/2 Mil Dot FFP Reticle, 1/10 MRAD, 30mm Tube

Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 30 FFP 4-16×50 SF Rifle Scope, AMX IR reticle, 1/10 MRAD, 30mm Tube