Here Are The Official 2019 CAAFTC Results

The sun shone in appreciation for the second and third days of the 2019 Crosman All American Field Target Competition. And here are the official 2019 CAAFTC results.

The winner of the All Around prize for the highest score over all three days was Bill Rabbit. That’s Bill (left) receiving his prize from Mark Deboard, the Shooting Services Manager of Velocity Outdoor, in our heading photograph above.

CAAFTC Results. All Around Competitors.

Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Day 3Total ScorePosition

Bill Rabbitt584858164First

Paul Porch574656159Second

Mike Niksch505154155Third

Jeff Paddock524555152Fourth

Tyler Patner494554148Fifth

As usual, the wind played tricks on the competitors in both the “open” and “woods” ranges.

The Hunter PCP class was the largest, with 37 shooters competing. Bill Rabbitt was 9 points clear as the winner of this class.

2019 CAAFTC Results. Hunter PCP.

Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total ScorePosition

Bill Rabbitt5858116First

Tom Himes4958107Second

Bill Day5551106Third

Dennis Himes5056106Fourth

Mike Niksch5054104Fifth

HAM Field Target Editor Greg Shirhall claimed first prize in the Hunter Piston class…

2019 CAAFTC Results. Hunter Piston.

Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total ScorePosition

Greg Shirhall465298First

Eric Brewer415091Second

Paul Manktelow464187Third

Curtis Miller362965Fourth

While Paul Porch won the Open PCP Class. That’s Paul in action in the woods course, below.

CAAFTC Results. Open PCP.

Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total ScorePosition

Paul Porch5756113First

Charles DiCapua5056106Second

Keith Walters5451105Third

Mike Norris534497Fourth

Roger Barker464490Fifth

Will Piatt fought his way to first place in the WFTF PCP class in a close-run contest.


Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total ScorePosition

Will Piatt5157108First

Jeff Paddock5255107Second

Greg Suave5452106Third

Lauren Parsons4757104Fourth

Tyler Patner4954103Fifth

And Leo Gonzalas took first place in WFTF Piston.

2019 CAAFTC Results. WFTF Piston.

Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total ScorePosition

Leo Gonzalas415293First

Tim MacSweyn444791Second

Ray Apelles474491Third

Nathan Thomas464490Fourth

Hector Medina-Gomez343872Fifth

While the winner of the Hunter Pistol class was HAM tester Eric Brewer. Eric also won the Quigley after a shoot-off against Vasyl Povroznyk.

CAAFTC Results. Hunter Pistol.

Shooter NameScorePosition

Eric Brewer53First

Mike Niksch51Second

Bill Rabbitt48Third

Curtis Miller47Fourth

Paul Porch46Fifth

Congratulations to all the shooters for a great performance under challenging conditions! And thanks to Velocity Outdoors for bringing everyone another outstanding Field Target competition. We’ll see you again next year 🙂

Again, thanks to Mark Hedberg, Senior Manager, Digital Initiatives at Velocity Outdoor for the photographs.