Here’s The Differences Between Air Venturi Avenger And Umarex Origin

The Air Venturi Avenger and Umarex Origin are two new models that look very similar. But there’s many differences between Avenger and Origin, as we’ll find in this report…


Let’s start with the similarities…

The the Air Venturi Avenger and Umarex Origin were both seen for the first time at the 2020 SHOT Show – as Hard Air Magazine readers learned from our show reports. Both are just now being launched, again at about the same time.

Both are PCPs of very similar appearance. In fact, at a range of a couple of yards, it’s very difficult to tell them apart!

It’s clear from observation that both are manufactured by the same company in China and use many of the same parts.

Below. One’s an Origin, the other an Avenger. Note the very similar factory serial numbers.

Air Venturi Avenger And Umarex Origin

The Air Venturi Avenger and Umarex Origin both have side-lever actions using 10-shot, Marauder-style magazines. Both have a synthetic breechblock with combined Picatinny/airgun scope rails.

Both have a shrouded barrel, together with an identical manual safety and trigger.

Both the Air Venturi Avenger and Umarex Origin are priced in the “value” end of the PCP market. The Avenger sells for $300 and the Origin for $350.

Also, both are very innovative designs, offering outstanding performance and capabilities for the price.

Below. What is that, an Avenger or Origin?

The basic difference between the Air Venturi Avenger and Umarex Origin is that they are designed to appeal to two very different types of customer. This fundamental conceptual difference drives all the other physical differences we find in these products.

So what’s the difference between them?

Different Guns For Different Customers – Avenger

The Avenger takes aim squarely at the existing PCP airgun user who wants to develop his or her interest further. It’s a self-proclaimed “enthusiast’s gun”.

Avenger owners will be fascinated by the simple external regulator adjustment capability. This – combined with the adjustable hammer spring tension that’s featured on both guns – allows for an unprecedented level of “tunability” at this price point.

I can’t quickly think of another PCP priced at south of about $1,000 that offers an externally-adjustable regulator.

Below. The Avenger’s regulator is adjusted using this screw.

However, to benefit from this capability for tuning, the owner needs a pretty good understanding of how PCP airguns work. He or she also needs to own a Chronograph. It’s practically impossible to tune this – or any other airgun – without one.

And the Avenger owner most likely has an existing source of HPA. Tank, compressor or pump: one of these is necessary as you’ll be needing a lot of High Pressure Air for all those tuning experiments!

Finally, the owner needs the time, patience and structured testing methodology to wring the best performance from the gun to suit his or her own needs. And to know what to do if that “perfect tune” somehow doesn’t work out as planned…

Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 0.177

Different Guns For Different Customers – Origin

The Origin takes a completely different approach. Origin owners are likely to be first-time PCP owners – or possibly first-time airgun owners – who need to buy both a PCP air rifle and charging device at the same time. They want to open the box, mount a scope and shoot…

This is why the Origin is bundled with a high pressure hand pump. It’s also why the Origin’s design is focused on making the hand pumping experience as easy and effective as possible.

Easier pumping means more High Pressure Air. More HPA means more shooting. More shooting means more fun!

Crucially, the Origin bundles the gun and pump in one box. At an attractive price. This strategy means that the Origin is likely to be the first PCP airgun to be widely available in big box shooting goods stores.

Such stores have traditionally shied away from selling PCPs due to the perceived complexity of convincing a new customer that they need to buy a charging device – at extra cost – before they can use their new PCP air rifle. That’s why big box sporting goods stores have continued to be a bastion of big, heavy, hard-kicking, break-barrel, “Zillion FPS must be good” air rifle sales.

This “one box” approach – in itself – makes it likely that the Origin will be one of the most significant airguns of our time. We all know that it’s easier to shoot a PCP with better consistent accuracy than a high-powered, break barrel air rifle.

Now, more customers will be attracted to a PCP. They will find it easy to shoot it accurately and love the fact that there’s no recoil and little noise. When they find that the Origin’s unique internal design means that it’s surprisingly easy to pump-up, they will be even happier!

Overall, I believe that the majority of new airgunners will be happier with their Origin than they would be with a powerful breakbarrel. That means that they’re more likely to develop a long-term enthusiasm for airgunning and – who knows? – buy an Avenger next!

Below. The Origin is behind the Avenger in this photograph. Perspective makes it look smaller. They’re actually the same size. Compact Leapers UTG Bugbuster scopes are mounted on both guns.

Air Venturi Avenger And Umarex Origin

Umarex Origin PCP Combo