High End Bipods From Spartan Precision Equipment

The current interest in long range benchrest airgun shooting leads also to an interest in high end bipods.

Yes, some benchrest competitors opt for large, heavy shooting supports. But most of the top shooters choose a simple bipod to support their air rifle in 100 Yard benchrest competition.

Spartan Precision Equipment is an English company which manufactures high end bipods. Focused on the core ideas of weight, functionality, strength and adptability, innovative Spartan products will dramatically improve your accuracy, the company tells HAM.

Spartan Precision Equipment originally came to market with their Javelin bipods. These game-changing bipods are magnetically attached to one of a range of adapters.

The magnetic “bipod plus adapter” concept provides shooters with the ability to instantly attach/detach the system from their rifle. It also negates the need to own more than one bipod; you simply need more adapters for your rifles!

The bipods themselves are machined from a solid billet of 7000 series hard anodised aluminium and made with ultra lightweight carbon fibre.

In the USA, Spartan high end bipods are available from Airguns of Arizona. AoA carries two models: the Spartan Javelin Bipod and the Spartan 300 Bipod.

The Spartan Javelin Bipod is the standard version. It provides a ground-to-stock height of between 6.5 and 9.5 inches yet weighs only 5.22oz.


High End Bipods From Spartan Precision Equipment

The manufacturer explains that this bipod can stay in your pocket until you need it. Fitting to the adapter pre-mounted on the gun then takes a matter of seconds.

There’s built-in cant and rotation capability to permit following live moving targets. Spartan says that is the ultimate lightweight hunting Bipod.

The Spartan 300 Bipod is claimed to have been designed with input from experienced hunters and U.S Special Forces operators. It offers a high degree of rifle traverse and leveling in the field.

The bipod folds forward or rearwards along the rifle stock and can be locked in position. Under the detachable rubber boots are tungsten carbide tipped feet for use on tough surfaces like rock and ice.

High End Bipods From Spartan Precision Equipment

Spartan Bipods