H&N Cup 2022 The First Shot In The New Shooting Year! Now Cancelled.

Sadly we’ve just heard that the H&N Cup 2022 has had to be cancelled. The reason is the ongoing pandemic. What a disappointment, both to the shooters and all the organizers who put in so much hard work to make the event a success 🙁

H&N Cup 2022 – it’s the first “shot” in the new shooting sport year!

This iconic annual event for 10 Meter Olympic air rifle and air pistol shooting will take place from January 25 to 30 2022 in Munich, Germany.

The competition is the first tough test for top precision airgun shooting athletes from all over the world in 2022.

H&N Cup 2022 The First Shot In The New Shooting Year!

So the invitations to the H&N Cup 2022 were sent out by the Bavarian Shooting Federation at the beginning of November. Keep your fingers crossed that the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic won’t thwart the event again!

Of course, the event had to be cancelled in 2021 🙁

To be sure, this is a huge competition! Around 700 athletes from 50 nations are expected to come and compete in this first real stress test of the 2022 precision airgun shooting year.

The venue changes from this…

To this!

The H&N Cup has grown over the years. For 2022, the 2020 Cup will held on six days – a similar format to 2020. Athletes will shoot with air rifle and air pistol for two complete events of 60 shots, including the finals.

Juniors shoot on the first two days (Wednesday and Thursday), while the Mens’ and Womens’ classes fire on Friday and Saturday. The mixed teams compete on Sunday.

The level of competition is expected to be consistently world class. For example: in the 2019 H&N Cup – for example – even a score of 630 in the qualification round of the second event air rifle (men) was not enough to reach the final!

In 2020, China led the medal ranking with 10 medals, followed by Russia (the 2019 winners) and Ukraine. The top individual shooter was Oleh Omelchuk from Ukraine who won two Golds and one Bronze. Who will win in 2022?

The H&N Cup is organized and conducted by the Bavarian Sport Shooting Federation (BSSB). Registration can only be made through the sport shooting federation of your home country with the BSSB.

For more details of the forthcoming 2022 event, connect with the H&N Cup Facebook page. Good luck to all the competitors!