H&N Factory Tour Video From AEAC

This new H&N factory tour video from AEAC’s Steve Scialli is very interesting to watch!

Over the course of the last few years, more and more people are taking an interest in the pellets that their airgun fires. The number of discerning pellet purchasers has increased, largely as a result of Hard Air Magazine’s comprehensive pellet test reviews.

To be honest, in the early days of HAM pellet test reviews, few people read them. However, we persevered and the numbers of readers has grown significantly. Now, some HAM pellet test reviews are viewed as many times as popular airgun reviews!

Another sign of interest in pellets is the number of times that the HAM Ballistic Coefficients page has been accessed. This is now one of the most popular pages in the HAM site, as more and more discerning airgunners need to know the Ballistic Coefficients of their pellets.

And, of course, the HAM BC database is the world’s largest source of comparable, structured airgun pellet Ballistic Coefficients.

Now – to add to this growing interest in pellets – comes this new production from AEAC: a H&N factory tour video.

Steve Scialli takes us behind the scenes of this major German pellet manufacturer. It’s a great way to find out how quality H&N pellets are manufactured and tested!

H&N pellets have many HAM Awards to their credit – such as this recent test of Baracuda Green alloy pellets. They gain a well-deserved HAM Gold Award. It’s noticeable, too, that H&N Field Target Trophy and Baracuda Match pellets often give great results in HAM’s comprehensive air rifle test reviews.

Meanwhile H&N is leveraging their long experience in manufacturing bullets for reloading firearms ammunition to move rapidly into the airgun slug world. We covered this in another recent HAM story.

You’ll hear more about slugs in this video, too.

So break out a coffee and watch this 75-minute H&N factory tour video. You’ll learn a lot about pellet manufacturing from H&N’s Joerg Siemens.

Likely enough, you’ll never look at pellets the same way again and realize how cheap quality airgun ammunition really is for the effort that goes into its production!