Hold The Dates For Extreme Benchrest 2022

Airguns of Arizona has announced the dates for Extreme Benchrest 2022. It’s October 6 – 9, 2022.

This is the eleventh competition in this annual series. The venue and format will be familiar to competitors over the years. After all, why mess with success?

As usual, the venue will be the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Mesa AZ.

Again the competition includes the 75 and 100 Yards Extreme Benchrest events. There’s also 50 Yard benchrest, Speed Silhouette and Extreme Field Target competitions. Big bore and more…

Take a look at the video for a flavor of what’s in store.


Registration is not yet open. However, typically it opens some time in July. You’ll be able to see details and sign-up at the Extreme Benchrest website.

In the past few years, the first event to sell-out has been the Extreme Field Target competition. In 2021, this completely filled-up within 24 hours of registration starting. So, if you want to shoot EFT at EBR 2022, you’ll need to be quick when registration opens!

Hold The Dates For Extreme Benchrest 2022

The organizers are promising increased prizes and a bigger-than-ever raffle to go along with the competition.

As a sample of this, Tom Adams  won the Pro Class of the 75/100 Yard Extreme Benchrest Competition at EBR 2021, shooting a Daystate Red Wolf. For this, he took home a $5,000 prize. But – as the overall winner of Extreme Benchrest 2021 – he also was awarded a 4×4 truck worth $32,000. WOW!

The level of challenge presented by EBR is indicated by the fact that never in its’-year history of EBR has the 75 Yard course been cleared with a perfect score, let alone at 100 Yards! Will 2022 be the first time? We’ll see…

As always, HAM will be keeping you up-to-date with Extreme Benchrest 2022. And, yes, you need to be a great shot to win. However, even the best shots recognize the need to sort their pellets and practice, practice, practice before the event!