How To Use The Extreme Booster Pump

In this post, we’ll take a look at how easy it is to use the Extreme Booster Pump. This is the method for filling a PCP air rifle from a tank holding a lower pressure.

Here’s the Extreme Booster Pump as it is supplied by Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles. Note that we are looking at a late pre-production unit. One change you’ll see in the production booster pumps shipping now is that the large diameter, low pressure tube will be sightly longer.

All Extreme Booster Pumps are tested at the factory before delivery, so you can be assured that yours will work!

How To Use The Extreme Booster Pump

Firstly, attach the large diameter hose to the male quick disconnect next to the actuator button assembly.

How To Use The Extreme Booster Pump

Then, connect the hose from your HPA tank to this male quick disconnect (below). Note that all connectors are clearly marked by engraved Aluminum plates.

That six-sided brass part teed-off of the tank input is the restricter regulator for the low pressure section of the booster pump.

How To Use The Extreme Booster Pump

The hose leaving from the de-gassing valve leads to the air rifle.

How To Use The Extreme Booster Pump

Here we see the tank input (top) and the gun output (below) at the high pressure end of the booster pump.

With all the connections checked and secure, now we’re ready to fill the gun from the tank.

Turn on the tank’s valve and allow the rifle to equalize pressure with the air tank. Once the pressure has equalized, it’s time to boost the pressure in the air rifle.

The Extreme Booster Pump - Fill Your PCP To A Higher Pressure Than The Tank!

Press the green actuator button once. You will hear the piston compress inside the booster pump. Then release the actuator.

How To Use The Extreme Booster Pump

Now check the pressure gauge on your air rifle. You’ll see that it has risen by 3 – 400 PSI. If required – and safe to do so – operate the actuator button again until the air rifle is at full pressure, or nearly so.

Be careful not to overfill the air rifle when using the Extreme Booster Pump as this could cause a dangerous situation!

Once the pressure in your air rifle has been boosted, close the air tank’s valve and bleed the booster pump system using the knurled nut. When no pressure remains in the system, disconnect the hoses. Your air rifle is ready to shoot!

The pressure gauge indicates the pressure in the low pressure part of the booster pump. It’s typically between 125 and 160 PSI, having passed through the restricter regulator from the HPA tank.

The large black knob allows the flow volume of low pressure air to be adjusted, if required for best operation.

That’s it!

Just as with an HPA compressor, over-filling any PCP can cause a potentially-dangerous situation. Care and responsibility in use of this booster pump are non-optional! If you have questions, contact Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles directly.

The Extreme Booster Pump is available now from Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles. It’s selling at $899.99.