Indiana Airgun Hunters Need To Read This!!!

Here’s the latest news for Indiana airgun hunters. The Airgun Sporting Association advises that there will soon be public hearings on future changes to Indiana airgun laws.

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) gave preliminary adoption to the Fisheries, Wildlife, and permit-related rule proposals listed below on January 21, 2020. The NRC will review the public comments before voting on final adoption of the changes later in 2020.

Public hearings have been scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, July 29, 6 pm ET, Mounds State Park, located at 4306 Mounds Road in Anderson, IN 46017

  • Fisheries Rules Hearing in the Nature Center, multi-purpose room
  • Wildlife Rules Hearing in the Pavilion

Thursday, July 30, 6pm ET, McCormick’s Creek State Park, located at 451 McCormick Creek Park Road in
Spencer, Indiana 47460

  • Fisheries Rules Hearing in the Sycamore Room
  • Wildlife Rules Hearing in the Oak Room

Comments can also be submitted online at:   Scroll down to the rule making docket and click on “comment on this rule” next to the FW Biennial Fisheries Amendments or the FW Biennial Wildlife Amendments, whichever rule package the comment is applicable to.

Comments can also be mailed to:

Natural Resources Commission
Indiana Government Center North
100 North Senate Ave., Room N103
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The deadline for public comments is July 30, 2020.

The NRC will review the public comments before voting on final adoption of the changes later in 2020.  Rule changes that are given final adoption must still be approved by the Attorney General’s office and Governor’s office and filed with the Indiana Register before taking effect.

Allow air rifles and air bows to be used for deer hunting during the deer firearms season. (312 IAC 9-3-3)

Hunters have expressed interest in using air rifles and air bows to harvest deer. Air rifles and air bows are capable of humanely and efficiently harvesting a deer. Equipment would have to meet the same requirements specified by the administrative code, but would allow hunters to have additional options when choosing to hunt for deer during firearms season.

For air guns, the gun would have to propel a single projectile by means of non-ignited compressed air or other gas charged by an external high compression power source and have a .40 caliber or larger bullet or ball at a single discharge that generates at least 400 foot pounds of muzzle energy.

An air bow would need to have a sharpened metal or metal-edged broadhead with metal points and a minimum speed of 300 feet per second at release.

Here is the link to the IN DNR web announcement:

So, Indiana airgun hunters, now is the time to make your voice heard…