Air Arms DIY Videos Now On YouTube

If you are one of the many airgun shooters who owns one of their air rifles, you will be interested to learn that Air Arms DIY Videos are now available on YouTube.

They’re at

Air Arms DIY videos are professionally produced for Air Arms. They feature Air Arms factory technicians showing – and explaining – how to undertake maintenance and modifications to Air Arms guns. All Air Arms DIY videos are concise and concentrate on explaining one specific maintenance task or upgrade in an easy to understand manner.

So far, Air Arms DIY videos have covered topics including:

How to replace the gauge on an MPR rifle

How to replace the barrel seal on an FTP 900 air rifle

How to fit a new magazine system to a S200 air rifle

Already there’s more than a dozen Air Arms DIY videos, and more are planned to follow at the rate of three of four a month. That’s a lot of effort for Air Arms and their production company! These videos are located in the Air Arms TV Channel on YouTube.

Obviously Air Arms DIY videos give valuable information for owners of many types of Air Arms air rifles. And, being officially produced, you can reply on them to be the “go to” source for the best way to undertake the tasks described.