AirForce Airguns will be Carried by Big Rock Sports.

Interesting news is that AirForce airguns will be carried by Big Rock Sports – one of the largest outdoor sporting goods distributors in North America. This means it’s likely that you will find AirFirce airguns available at a sporting goods stores across the country.

Big Rock Sports carries over 190,000 product SKUs and services more than 15,000 fishing, shooting, camping, taxidermy and marine retailers across the US, Canada, the Caribbean and eight other countries.

“We are excited to be joining forces with Big Rock to bring these seriously great airguns to local dealers,” commented AirForce CEO and Founder John McCaslin. “Big Rock’s efforts with dealers along with our sales partners at Outtech will help keep AirForce and the domestic precharged airgun market growing.”

“The introduction of the AirForce Texan added a new dimension to our product line,” said McCaslin, “and Big Rock is adding a new dimension to our market nationwide.”

The history of Big Rock Sports goes back almost 60 years to the founding of All-Sports Supply in Portland, OR. They have distribution centers across the USA and Canada.