Beeman QB78 Air Rifle Branding Announced.




S/R Industries, the owner of the Marksman/Beeman brands and subsidiary of SAG (Shanghai Airgun Company), the owner of Industry Brand, announce that their range of CO2-powered air rifles will henceforth be sold under the Beeman brand and no longer as Industry Brand products.

Specifically, this Beeman QB78 air rifle branding change affects the following CO2-powered air rifles: QB78, QB78 Deluxe, QB79, AR2078A and AR2079A.


The reasons for this change are two-fold:

1. The renewed popularity of these air rifles.

2. To develop a more consistent brand story.

S/R Industries plans a rolling change from Industry Brand to Beeman QB78 air rifle branding, the timing will be as inventory of Industry Brand products has been depleted.

The initial inventory of Beeman-branded products will be in brown boxes with the product having the Beeman logo. Subsequent products will come in retail packaging.

Hard Air Magazine knows of no change to the air rifles themselves, the only change is branding.