The Top Selling Scopes of 2017 From Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd Air’s 2017 top selling scopes list gives us another interesting insight into the riflescope market.

What we see is that, basically, the top selling scopes over the past three years are quite consistent in optical type. However, the brands that make the list have changed rather more.

The Top Selling Scopes of 2017 From Pyramyd Air

In an unprecedented example of consistency, the CenterPoint 4-16x40AO scope has held the number one position in Pyramyd Air’s top selling scopes list for each year. That has to be a great product!

CenterPoint 4-16×40 AO Rifle Scope, Illuminated TAG-Style Reticle, 1″ Tube, Picatinny Rings

Four power zoom scopes – either 4-12x or 4-16x – took four of the top ten slots in 2017. This configuration took five out of 2016’s top selling scopes list and four again in 2015.

Three power zoom scopes, 3-9x or 3-12x, took four positions in the 2017 top ten. They did the same in 2015, dropping somewhat to two positions in 2016.

Fixed magnification scopes have held two slots in Pyramyd Air’s top selling scopes list in 2017. 2016 and 2015.

The Top Selling Scopes of 2017 From Pyramyd Air

In 2017, Air Venturi, together with its Mantis scopes brand were Pyramyd Air’s top selling scopes. They took four out of the top ten positions.

Leapers were the next most popular with their UTG branded scopes. They took three out of the top ten positions. However, this is a big drop from the 2015 list, when UTG scopes dominated the list with no less than seven placings!

The Top Selling Scopes of 2017 From Pyramyd Air

CenterPoint took two positions in the 2017 list, as in past years, while Hawke appears once.

Bushnell has dropped out of the top ten rankings in 2017, after appearing with one place each in 2016 and 2015.

There’s one more top selling list to come from Pyramyd Air. This covers high end air rifles costing over $500. we’ll look at that tomorrow.

1CenterPoint 4-16x40AOCenterPoint 4-16x40AOCenterPoint 4-16x40AO
2Air Venturi 4x15 With Lasso MountUTG 30 MM SWAT 3-12x44AOUTG 30 MM SWAT 3-12x44AO
3CenterPoint AR22 4x32UTG 4-16x44AO SWATUTG 3-9x40AO
4UTG 30MM SWAT 3-12x44AOUTG 4x32 HunterUTG 4-16x44AO SWAT
5Mantis 3-9x40AOMantis 3-9x40AOUTG 3-9x40AO
6Hawke Vantage 4-12x50AOCenterPoint AR22 4x32UTG 4x32 Hunter
7Mantis 4-12x40AOHawke Vantage 4-12x50AOBushnell Banner 4-12x40AO
8UTG 3-9x40AOBushnell Banner 4-12x40AOUTG 3-9x40AO Bug Buster
9UTG 4-16x40AOHawke Sidewinder 6.5-20x42AOCenterPoint AR22 4x32
10Mantis 3-9x32AOHawke Airmax 4-12x40AOUTG 4-16x40AO