Interesting External PCP Regulator

Here’s some news of an interesting external PCP regulator. It’s marketed under the Karakuscher Micro Regulators name and it fits between a High Pressure Air Tank and your air rifle. The result is constant pressure air reaching the air rifle.

Why do this? well, it may be that you have an un-regulated PCP. This is particularly the case with big bore airguns, most of which have ravenous demands for air but are not internally regulated.

If you’re shooting an unregulated big bore from a bench, an external regulator makes a lot of sense. It also can be valuable simply if you shoot a lot from a bench and don’t want to keep filling your PCP’s tank. It can also prevent inadvertent over-filling, too.

The design of Karakuscher Micro Regulators is patented so it’s different from another external regulator HAM has covered in the past. However, this one is much simpler and has – we believe – a lower cost. It’s designed and manufactured in Turkey by Karakuscher Safety.

There’s actually two versions of this external PCP regulator. The M3 model has output and input connections for a G5/8 DIN valve. (These are often found on German airguns). The M3 plus model comes with male quick connects. The company tells HAM that the maximum input pressure is 400 bar (5,800 PSI).

The regulated output pressure can be adjusted can be adjusted from zero to 260 bar (3,770 PSI), using a simple screw adjustment as shown in this video.

Turning the pressure adjuster screw clock wise decreases the pressure. For help in adjusting pressure, reference points are shown with numbers from 1 to 6. Movement between each number changes the output pressure about +/- 15 bar (217 PSI).
The Karakuscher Micro Regulators people tell HAM that the regulated output pressure consistency is within 1% of the set pressure.

The regulator body is made of 7075 aluminum alloy and has 55 micron hard anodized red, black and blue coating. The internal belleville spring washers are made in Germany. and the regulator is covered by a life time warranty from the manufacturer.

Length of the product is 3 Inches, diameter is 1.16 Inches and it weights just 3.5 Oz.
The manufacturer tells HAM that the company is looking for international distributors for its products. Interested parties can contact Ercan Karakus at