Introducing The Hatsan NovaStar PCP Air Rifle

The Hatsan NovaStar is a new version of a Hatsan favorite that weighs less and provides more features than its predecessors. We saw one just last week at the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge.

Hatsan says that the biggest of the enhancements is the use of the company’s Roto Index Magazine system. The Roto Index Magazine is caliber specific, detachable and holds up to 14 shots. Hatsan also includes a single-shot tray to accompany long-range precision shooting.

The Hatsan NovaStar uses a larger diameter, stiffer barrel shroud with a ½-inch UNF threaded muzzle cap. This significantly increases the rigidity of the floating barrel design for better accuracy, says the company.

The NovaStar rifle is one of Hatsan’s few that features a free-floating barrel. This lends itself well to precision shooters, eliminating movement when placed on a bipod, bag, or tree branch for forend support.

There’s a new, Turkish walnut stock that incorporates a thumbhole pistol grip and elevation-adjustable Monte Carlo cheek rest. In addition, the adjustable rubber butt pad can help provide the correct cheek weld.

The Hatsan NovaStar lighter than its predecessor. In addition to sporting a slimmer and lighter receiver, the rifle shaves more weight by incorporating a 480cc carbon-fiber, air-storage reservoir that is 12.7 Oz lighter than the aluminum version.

The NovaStar retains the Quattro two-stage adjustable match trigger found on other members of the Nova family.

Hatsan NovaStar Specifications

.177 Cal – 1,400 FPS Lead-Free, 1,300 FPS Lead, 37 FPE, 14-Shot Magazine, 110 Shots/Fill

.22 Cal – 1,250 FPS Lead-Free, 1,125 FPS Lead, 47 FPE, 12-Shot Magazine, 100 Shots/Fill

.25 Cal – 1,050 FPS Lead & Lead-Free, 54 FPE, 10-Shot Magazine, 90 Shots/Fill

250 BAR fill pressure

43.5 Inch overall length

23 Inch barrel

Weight 8.4 Lbs.

MSRP: $899.99

Hatsan NovaStar Air Rifle 0.25