It’s Almost Here – The Lee Enfield BB Rifle

Back in February 2018, HAM brought you first news of a new replica Lee Enfield BB rifle that’s being developed in the UK. Well, now there’s some more news – and it sounds to be good…

The Shooting Party of Shenstone, Staffs, UK, the shooting and outdoor pursuits company has announced that volume production of the CO2-powered Lee Enfield BB rifle will commence this month – March 2019!

“Since we concluded an agreement in 2017 with Lee-Enfield (Guns) Ltd to distribute their ‘Brothers in Arms’ series of iconic rifles and pistols (in CO2 BB format) in the UK, consumer interest in the product has been at totally exceptional levels, and we have the highest pre-order book in TSP’s history.” said Mike Hurney, Chairman of The Shooting Party (TSP).

Mike also tells us that they have been working hard with the factory over the past year to make sure that the gun really will fulfill customers’ high expectations. “We have leak and jam tested the rifle and are delighted with the reliability shown in the results” says Mike.

It’s Almost Here - The Lee Enfield BB Rifle

Key features of the Lee Enfield BB rifle include:

– All wood and metal construction.
– Same weight and dimensions as the original firearm.
– Muzzle velocity 500-550 FPS – depending on temperature and BB weight, of course.
– 30+ full-power shots from a single  12 Gram CO2 cartridge.
– 15 shot BB magazine.
– Accepts original accessories such as slings and bayonets. This makes it ideal for re-enactors, says the distributor.
– Shipped in full-color bespoke-cut carton (see above).
– User manual in period sepia.

Recommended retail pricing for the Lee Enfield BB rifle in the UK is £429 including Value Added (sales) Tax.

Additional combined magazine/valve units are available as an optional extra at a list price of £59.99 with replica webbing rifle slings at £19.99. Again these are UK prices and include sales tax.