It’s Coming Soon! Extreme Benchrest Phoenix 2023

There’s just three weeks remaining before Extreme Benchrest Phoenix 2023. So details are starting to leak-out about what you can expect for this premier event in the airgun world for this year!

1. The Event

First, the event will be taking place from October 5-8, 2023. It’s the 12th annual event and both organizers and competitors are gearing-up, ready to go.

Within the next couple of days, all competitors will be receiving a personalized email from the organizers. This will confirm details of their participation and other useful information.

The organizers have also released this promotional video to what your appetite. Just click to view…

As always, there will be the headline Benchrest event, with the finals shot at 100 Yards. In addition, there’s 50-Yard Benchrest, Extreme Field Target and Speed Silhouette competitions to provide fun and excitement for all visitors – shooters and spectators alike.

It's Coming Soon! Extreme Benchrest Phoenix 2023

2. Goodie Bag

Then there’s the AoA “goodie bag”. Every competitor receives one and this year it contains over $200 worth of SWAG! Below we can some of the contents of last year’s goodie bag. The goodie bag for Extreme Benchrest Phoenix 2023 stands to be even better!

3. The Raffle

Every year, there’s an outstanding raffle containing a TON of wonderful products that can be won simply by buying a ticket. Oh, and getting lucky, of course!

Latest news is that the total value of items in the EBR 2023 raffle exceeds $70,000. And it may grow beyond that before the event. Below we see Extreme Benchrest winner Tom Adams making his choices in last year’s raffle.

It's Coming Soon! Extreme Benchrest Phoenix 2023

4.The Waiting List

Extreme Benchrest Phoenix 2023 is full. It was almost from the day registration opened!


There is a Waiting List for available shooting spots. If and when a competitor unavoidably drops out – it does happen – Extreme Benchrest staff contact those on the waiting list. So if you’re on the waiting list, you still do have a chance…

If you want to be added to the waiting list, email There’s a small chance you might still get lucky.

5. New Products

Every year, there are some new airgun products launched at Extreme Benchrest.

Now, I’ve been sworn to secrecy – and I didn’t tell you this – but you can expect to see some exciting new introductions for the first time at EBR 2023.

Some are developments of existing products. Others are complete new models that have not been seen in the US before.

If you’re there, you will see them. If not, Hard Air Magazine will bring you the stories as we get them.

See you there 🙂