It’s Easy To Fit Optics To A Crosman 2240XL With A DT2PW01 Adapter

The Crosman 2240XL is the latest addition to the long-running 2240 pistol family. These CO2-powered, bolt-action .22 caliber air pistols are immensely popular with modders and there’s a massive number of aftermarket accessories available for them all over the Internet.

Actually, the Crosman 2240XL has been something of a “stealth launch” product. It has never – to my knowledge – been publicly-announced, was not shown at the 2020 SHOT Show (that I found and I crawled all over the Velocity Outdoor booth) . Neither is it featured on the Crosman website.

However, it is  readily available at Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot.

Like many Crosman designs, the 2240 air pistol is very modular. This is excellent engineering and allows the company to (relatively) easily develop new products without the need to start from scratch every time.

So what does the Crosman 2240XL offer? For many enthusiasts, the main benefit is that it includes the Crosman Steel Breech as part of the product. This is instead of the plastic breech that is fitted to the regular 2240.

Crosman 2240XL

The Steel Breech has long been offered as an accessory and thousands of 2240 owners have installed it over the years. It’s the essential “must have” mod for many 2240 owners.

The steel breech is MUCH longer than the plastic breech. This gives a more stable support for the barrel, which is the same in both models. It also includes dovetails for mounting a scope or – more likely – red dot sight. The stock 2240 can only be shot with its open sights.

Crosman 2240XL

However, there are some limitations with the Steel Breech-fitted Crosman 2240XL. First is that it cannot be used with iron sights. This is because the muzzle weight that’s fitted to the muzzle cannot accept a front sight (without modification, at least).

So, fitting a red dot sight will be a priority for almost every new 2240XL owner.

That muzzle weight is the other basic difference between the 2240XL and the basic 2240. It’s also threaded to allow for the fitment of a moderator. This is a first for Velocity Outdoor products, I believe.

So we can fit a red dot sight onto the 2240XL, right? Well, actually no; not without a little help…

This is because almost every red dot sight currently on the market uses a Weaver/Picatinny base. That makes them incompatible with the dovetail rails of the 2240XL steel breech.

A simple, cheap solution is to use the Leapers UTG DT2PO1 adapter.

This is a two-part adapter that simply snaps into Picatinny mount rings and allows them to be fitted to airgun dovetails. Below, we see one adapter fitted into the Picatinny mount of a Leapers UTG red/green dot sight.

After snapping the second part of the DT2PO1 adapter into place, the combination fits perfectly onto the dovetail rails of the Crosman 2240XL steel breech.

Red dot mounted. Problem solved. Have fun with that new 2240XL air pistol!

Crosman 2240XL CO2 Air Pistol, .22 cal, Steel Breech 0.22

UTG 11mm (3/8) Dovetail to Weaver Adapter, 2pcs