It’s FX Latest! The Impact M3

The FX Impact M3 is the latest and greatest edition of the Swedish company’s brand-leading product. There’s a ton of new features, combined with a bewildering array of calibers, barrel lengths and accessories…

Today, we’ll cover the basic gun as this is already shipping in some configurations. Many of the accessories are coming later – but not by much – so we’ll cover them in a second post.

FX Impact M3

Let’s start with the basics…

The Impact M3 is available in traditional black, or with a contrasting bronze finish to the receiver. There’s all the expected calibers – from .177 cal up to .35 caliber. And there’s a range of barrel lengths starting at 500 mm (above), all the way to 800 mm (below). The standard barrel length is 600 mm.

To provide for (even more) greater power capabilities, the Impact M3 has a larger plenum. The capacity of this is now increased to no less than 72 cc! This will be a particular attraction for slug shooters and those wanting the M3 in .30 and .35 calibers.

FX Impact M3

Another improvement is the incorporation of two regulators into the Impact’s design. The first regulator is a tiny device that’s built-in to the HPA bottle connection. FX says that this allows for less stress on the main (second) regulator. The result is more consistent regulator output pressure, resulting in lower shot-to-shot FPS variability.

The photograph below shows the first regulator and its location. It also shows the larger, 580cc HPA bottle that’s now included as standard with the M3.

FX Impact M3

The M3 also incorporates the new FX Quick Tune System. This is a major upgrade that allows (almost) all of the many tune settings to be adjusted easily and without tools. Pressure is adjusted using the dual regulators, of course. The Valve Adjuster controls the “open time” of the valve, metering the charge of HPA behind the pellet (or slug).

Big changes in hammer spring tension are adjusted using the traditional Power Wheel – now with 16 steps. However there’s now a Micro Fine hammer spring adjuster also. FX says that this allows the Muzzle Velocity to be adjusted in steps as precise as 1 or 2 FPS difference!

It's FX Latest! The Impact M3

Other changes include ambidextrous mounting of the sidelever cocking system. And, while Impact triggers have always been outstanding, this – too – has been modified. The new trigger allows the trigger post to be moved forward and back. FX says that the new trigger provides a crips second stage.

For long range shooters, the Picatinny scope rail now has a built-in 20 MOA angle built-in. This is to prevent scope turrets from running out of adjustment clicks to accommodate extreme pellet (or slug) drop at extended ranges.

Finally – and not at all inconsequentially – the Impact M3 now includes high quality Wika pressure gauges as standard. There’s no point in having all this precision adjustability built-in to the gun if it’s not possible to measure the internal pressure accurately!

CaliberMagazine CapacityMax Shots Per FillMax Power
.1773837535 Ft/Lbs
.222833079 Ft/Lbs
.252816089 Ft/Lbs
.3023105124 Ft/Lbs
.351845156 Ft/Lbs

With all this, it’s clear that the Impact has moved a long way forward from the original version in its latest incarnation as the M3!

FX Impact M3 Bronze
FX Impact M3 Black