It’s Here! – The New KalibrGun Cricket II

Recently, HAM announced the availability of a new bullpup PCP air rifle – the KalibrGun Argus 45W. But this is not the only new airgun being announced by the Czech manufacturer. Now there’s also the KalibrGun Cricket II!

As many HAM readers will know, the original Cricket was first launched back in 2006. (Can it really be so long ago?). At that time, it revolutionized the airgun world as the first truly-successful mulit-shot bullpup PCP air rifle.

The Cricket was an immediate best-seller around the world. It built-up a legendary reputation as an accurate, reliable and rugged air rifle.

The essential correctness of its design is confirmed by the fact that – nearly a generation later – the Cricket is still a vital part of the current KalibrGun catalog. In multiple different versions, it continues to be a popular choice for many airgunners.

So what’s new about the Cricket II?

KalibrGun tells HAM that this new model builds upon the heart and soul of the original Cricket. The design aim has been to enhance handling and make the Cricket II the most desirable bullpup in the airgun industry.

The New KalibrGun Cricket II

Firstly, the lever-action cocking mechanism has been moved forward to a mid-mounted position, conveniently close to the trigger. This improves handling and speed of operation compared to the rear-mounted side lever traditional on the Cricket.

In addition, this new mid-mounted side lever action can be positioned on either the right or left of the gun. Here’s a benefit for left-handed shooters!

The KalibrGun Cricket II also has a newly-designed ergonomic WSA stock wood stock and cheek piece. There’s also a WB-stock model with built-in storage for four spare magazines.

Continued from the original Cricket is the 280cc (in cal .177/.22) and 350cc (in cal .25/.30) capacity of the air tube and the 4351 PSI (300 Bar) fill pressure. The magazines are also the same. Two of them are shipped with the Cricket II.

The Cricket II will be available in four calibers. The .177 and .22 caliber models use a custom CZ-manufactured barrel, while Lothar Walther barrels are fitted to the .25 and .30 caliber versions. The .30 cal. model is a new departure for KalibrGun. This is their first model in this caliber.

Of course, the Cricket II has a regulated action. The regulator is optimized at the factory. Regulator pressure can be adjusted by the user, although it’s necessary to remove it from the gun to do so. The manufacturer recommends that it’s left in factory configuration!

In addition, there is a power adjustment system. This alters the hammer spring tension and is accessed using a knob on the action housing.

As with most PCP airguns, performance will depend on the legal power limit – if any – established in the country where you buy the gun. This ranges from 5.5 Ft/Lbs (7.5 Joule) to 11.8 Ft/Lbs (16 Joules) common to many European Union countries and way up to the much higher power levels allowed elsewhere.

For this reason, all KalibrGun air rifles are shipped-out by the factory in 7.5 Joule configuration. Then they are tuned by the local authorized country distributor to power levels appropriate to their markets. For example, US customers will receive their guns tuned to the following power and shot count specifications.

CaliberMaximum PowerConsistent Shots per Fill
.17718 Ft/Lbs (25 Joules)60
.2237 Ft/Lbs (50 Joules)60
.2559 Ft/Lbs (80 Joules)50
.3096 Ft/Lbs (130 Joules)30

All models have a two-stage adjustable trigger that’s similar to the original Cricket. It’s possible to adjust the trigger position, also to tune both first and second stages for pull length and pull weight.

KalibrGun tells HAM that the Cricket II should be available in the USA around the end of September 2020. Check out the video below and visit the KalibrGun website!